Final Phase of Benazir Income Support Program Installment Payment

A large number of people are eager to receive the new payment of 10,500 rupees. Those who have already received it should wait for the new installment of 13,000 rupees. However, many have been disqualified. The pressing question now is how long the payments will continue.

The first phase has already concluded. The second and third phases are set to formally begin. There has been a delay due to holidays, as Eid leave was initially less for Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) staff. Now, an additional day off has been granted. The government has announced a new date: payments will begin on June 24. The big question remains how long these camps will last and how long the payments will continue.

Due to the rush, many people find it difficult to visit the camp sites or centers. Payments will be processed from the camps while school and college vacations are ongoing. After that, payments will shift to BISP retailers and vendors.

BISP Payment Details

Registration for the BISP Program has begun. It’s crucial to know who will be disqualified and whose payments will be stopped. This installment might be the last for some recipients. Those who have received the first or second phases or will receive the third phase might find this is their final installment. After nine days, payments will stop for some, but not all. The government never stops payments for everyone; only some families will be affected.

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To remain eligible, it’s important to complete certain steps. Recipients should visit the BISP office with their identity card, electricity or gas bill, and birth forms for their children. A survey of 63 questions will be conducted to determine eligibility. Complete this survey before June 30 to avoid having your payment blocked.

Update for Regular Beneficiaries

Those who have completed the survey and are under scrutiny must wait until July. Some people are still eligible and can check their installment status on the portal in June. Eligible recipients can receive their 10,500 rupee installment. This message is specifically for women who receive regular payments. New surveys can be completed anytime, with no deadline, even after June 30.