Free Solar Panel 8171

Free Solar Panel 8171

Assalam Walekum. I will provide you with new updates and complete details regarding the Asas Program, Asas Kafa Program, Nazar Nigam Support Program, Wasila Taneem Program, and all other subsidized programs.Firstly, I am pleased to inform you that the Punjab Government is now offering a solar service. This initiative aims to provide Free Solar Panel 8171 to families whose electricity consumption ranges from 1 to 500 units. Families with consumption within this range will receive free solar panels. This program is a significant step towards sustainable energy solutions and aims to alleviate the financial burden of electricity bills for low-income families.

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Benazir Kafalat Programs

In addition to the solar panel initiative, I have updates on the installment of 10,500 for Saas Kafal and Benazir Kafa, along with the increase in the upcoming installment. Families participating in these programs will soon see an increment in their financial aid, aimed at providing greater financial stability and support.

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Free Solar Panel 8171
Free Solar Panel 8171

Dynamic Survey 

For those looking to join the Nazir Income Support Program, there is good news. By completing a dynamic survey, families with a score less than B will be immediately included in the Sasas Kafa, Benazir Kafa, Nasho Nama, Waseela Taleem, and all other subsidy programs. Families with a score above B will still be included in all subsidy programs but will need to meet additional criteria.

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Solar Plate Distribution

The latest announcement from the Punjab Government states that families with 1 to 50 units of electricity consumption will receive free solar plates. This initiative extends to those with 1 to 100 units, ensuring more families benefit from free solar energy solutions. For those with 200 units and above, a cost-sharing mechanism is in place where the government covers 75% of the cost, and families are responsible for the remaining 25%.

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Free Solar Panel 8171
Free Solar Panel 8171


These updates reflect the ongoing efforts to support low-income families through various subsidy programs and sustainable energy solutions. Stay informed and take advantage of these programs to alleviate financial burdens and improve your quality of life.

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What is the eligibility criteria for the free solar panel program by the Punjab Government? 

Families with electricity consumption between 1 and 500 units are eligible for free solar panels.

How can I join the Nazir Income Support Program? 

You can join by completing a dynamic survey. Families with a score less than B will be included immediately in various subsidy programs.

What are the new updates on the Saas Kafal and Benazir Kafa Programs? 

The installment amount has been increased to 10,500, with additional increments planned for the future.

Will there be any cost for solar plates if my electricity consumption is above 200 units?

Yes, families with consumption above 200 units will need to pay 25% of the cost, while the government will cover 75%.

Where can I find more information about these subsidy programs? 

You can visit the provided links to learn more about each specific program and its details.