Free Solar System For Consumers

Free Solar System For Consumers

One is that the line losses have to be met and then the second thing is that they have to pay one Arafiya by putting a direct link and the rest of the three, which have to be linked at three or four places, they also go through this, so there is an over billing for all of them. This time what they did was that the figure of about 50000 is coming out for the protected surfin in Lahore, for only 200 units, they created a Free Solar System For Consumers and in that system they put a command in the middle that when they clicked, the person whose bill used to come, that is, 30200, for 200 units, that is, one rupee, which increased to 11, they converted it and put it in such a way that all the 200 went up to 201, now we have to pay for 30 days, earlier we used to pay for 27 days, now another thing will come in it that firstly it has become a burden on the poor, it has gone into the bracket of 8 to 9000, now for the protected, what they have done.

Bill Per Unit

 The slab is such that if you stay in it for six months, then your bill will be 7 to 8 per unit, otherwise you will have to pay 242 units. Now, once someone comes in this bracket of 200, he will again stay in this bracket for 600 months, but he will get the same bill as per the unit.Then after six months, he will come back to the position of 7 to 8. You can imagine, on one hand, the government is increasing the unit rate by ₹ morning, afternoon and evening, the situation is worsening. Now, when the electricity bill for July will come, you can imagine that the domestic surfing bill will reach around 927 paise per unit. 

increases Of Unit

So, you can imagine that this poor person will be sitting with the electricity bill. When I go to offices, I see that the very decent people who can never raise their voice are sitting with the bill. There was a fan sir, the electricity bill came to 880 and they go to their respective homes.Politics That they say, I am listening to you, the person you voted for, go, I feel that the minister Azam sahab was saying that we will not spare those who burdened these poor, we will not forgive them, so sir we will start with the federal cabinet, which first increases the unit by ₹, cannot control the line losses, cannot improve the situation with the help of IPP, you cannot improve the other matters of load shutting.

Free Solar System For Consumers
Free Solar System For Consumers

Electricity election 

I want to keep but only other provinces, in what position do we stand, I feel that I have asked senior Namaos, senior people who are concerned, that the next election will be fought on electricity, it will be fought on the issue of electricity, if the situation of energy has reached a point, if these rulers lose their senses, then it will reach a dangerous position, see, we talk about India, ₹ is approximately ₹ and in our and Pakistani currency, ₹ 1 Bangladesh is made in Pakistani Rupees. ₹ unit is formed by Sri Lanka in Pakistani rupees from 1 to 5000000. ₹1 will come to the poor. You will pay 777 thousand rupees in taxes directly or indirectly and then you will say that we will raise the issue of giving relief to you.

Electricity system

We will raise the issue of giving relief to you in the public and we will say that we will take your issue to such a position that it is great sir, I will definitely come to your side. The way we can see there is a lot of taxes but despite this we can see that this place is in trouble, that is, the middle class is paying the price of electricity. There is a huge flaw in our electricity system, rather I would say that this is a system based on lies. For example, your electricity system is dependent on IPP and you have made such promises that now it is dependent.

IPP  burden

No, now IPP has become a burden. And it is becoming difficult to get rid of them. We are not doing anything about it. Your system says that the provisions that you have made are that if you use more electricity, then you will save a little bit. If you do not use it, you still have to pay for it. But through your electricity bills and the way you are treating your customers, the consumers, you are treating them like that you should use less electricity or else we will blow you away. So see how big the crisis is.

current situation

On one hand you are discussing with the people who use electricity and you are telling them to use it as little as possible. On the other hand you are saying that even if you do not use it, you still have to pay for it. We do not have any mechanism in this regard. We are not clear on this. The second thing is that in the current situation, that is, at this time there is a huge crisis in the country in terms of electricity prices. In this regard, there is a ray of hope. That ray is in the form of solar in very large numbers. 

Free Solar System For Consumers
Free Solar System For Consumers

Use Of Solar 

People are going crazy on solar and the consumers of thousands of megawatts have already gone crazy on it but there is an uncertainty in this regard that on a daily basis these big minds are sitting and thinking about the policy that how do we reverse this whole matter, how do we take a U-turn from this because there is no clarity that if the consumers of thousands of megawatts which have now started crossing 3000 megawatts will go away, then after that the price of electricity that you have made agreements with IPPs, you have to pay that from the pocket of the publicIf it has to be taken out then that


Ultimately it has to be taken out from the pocket of the people, so there is no clarity in our Free Solar System For Consumers in this regard, that is, the hope that is visible is also facing danger that what kind of policy do we have in this regard that if someone is investing lakhs of rupees and going for solar, then he is also doing this with the fear that tomorrow they will come and impose tax on me on some other pretext or catch me by the collar and forcibly take away thousands of rupees every month from me.