Get Double Installment Payment From Benazir Income Support Program

The Government of Pakistan has announced a major update for beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). In an effort to provide greater financial support, two installments are now set to be disbursed to a large number of people. Here are all the details you need to know about the new payments, eligibility criteria, and other important updates.

New Installments

The latest update reveals that the government will distribute two installments: one of PKR 10,500 and another of PKR 8,500. This substantial increase aims to provide enhanced financial support to eligible beneficiaries.

Who Will Receive the Double Installment?

Eligible Beneficiaries: Those who have previously received the installment of PKR 8,500 will now receive an additional PKR 10,500, making it a total of PKR 19,000.

Newly Eligible Individuals: People who completed their surveys in June-July but have not yet received any payments will also be eligible for this double installment if their names are updated on the BISP portal.

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Get Double Installment Payment From Benazir Income Support Program

Eligibility Check

If you have recently completed the survey but haven’t received any payment, it is crucial to check your eligibility on the BISP portal. Ensure your name appears on the portal as eligible to receive the new installment.

Children’s Scholarships: Children who did not receive their scholarships in the last distribution will now be prioritized. Scholarships will be released shortly, ensuring that all eligible children receive their due support.

Previous Non-Recipients: If you did not receive PKR 8,500 in the last installment, you will now get both the pending amount and the new installment, totaling PKR 19,000.

Fingerprint Issues: Individuals who faced fingerprint verification issues previously will also receive the double installment.

This significant update from the Pakistani government aims to provide enhanced financial support to those in need. Make sure to verify your eligibility and stay updated with the latest information to receive your payments promptly.

Stay informed and ensure you complete all necessary steps to benefit from these new installments.

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