GOOD NEWS: E Bikes Will Also Distributed in Universities Students By CM Maryam Nawaz

In a groundbreaking initiative, the Punjab government has unveiled plans to incorporate electric bikes (e-bikes) into its distribution scheme for university students. This innovative endeavor, a component of the Chief Minister Youth Initiative, is set to allocate 20,000 e-bikes to degree college and university students throughout the province. Let’s explore this promising development in more detail.

Key Highlights of Uni Students Bike Scheme:

Initiative Scope:

The inaugural phase of the Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif Youth Initiative is set to distribute 20,000 bikes to degree college and university students.

This allocation comprises 19,000 petrol bikes and 1,000 electric bikes, providing students with diverse transportation options.

Interest-Free Plans:

Both petrol and electric bikes are available on interest-free plans, with the Punjab government subsidizing Rs 1 billion for interest-free bikes, easing the financial burden on students.

Application Deadline:

Interested students must submit their applications by April 29 through the provided link to take advantage of this opportunity, ensuring timely processing of requests.

Financing Limits:

The financing limit for electric bikes is up to Rs 250,000, while for petrol bikes, it is up to Rs 150,000.

Students selecting bikes exceeding these prices must cover the additional cost upfront to the Bank of Punjab (BOP), maintaining transparency in financial transactions.

Bike Selection:

Students are required to choose bikes from the available options on the web portal, ensuring transparency and accountability in the selection process.

The government has partnered with various reputable motorcycle companies, including Atlas Honda, Suzuki, and United Motorcycles, offering models ranging from 70CC to 150CC.

Additionally, e-bikes from companies such as Jolta and Metro are also available, catering to the growing demand for sustainable transportation alternatives.

Bike Type Financing Limit (Rs) Available Models Petrol Bikes Up to 150,000 Atlas Honda, Suzuki, United Motorcycles Electric Bikes Up to 250,000 Jolta, Metro

These key highlights underscore the Punjab government’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and affordability of transportation for university students, fostering mobility and empowerment across the province.

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Benefits of E-Bikes in Universities:

Environmentally Friendly:

E-bikes offer a sustainable transportation option, contributing to reduced carbon emissions and environmental conservation on university campuses.


With interest-free financing and government subsidy, e-bikes provide a cost-effective mode of transportation for students, helping to alleviate financial burdens associated with commuting.

Promotion of Innovation:

By incorporating e-bikes into the scheme, the government promotes the adoption of innovative and eco-friendly technology among youth, encouraging students to embrace sustainable practices.

Who is eligible to apply for the E-Bikes scheme?

Degree college and university students in Punjab are eligible to apply, ensuring accessibility to transportation assistance for students pursuing higher education.

How can students apply for the scheme?

Students can apply through the provided link before the April 29 deadline, ensuring timely processing of applications and seamless integration into the program.

Is there a limit on the price of bikes?

Yes, the financing limit for electric bikes is up to Rs 250,000, and for petrol bikes, it is up to Rs 150,000, ensuring affordability and transparency in bike selection.


The inclusion of electric bikes in the Chief Minister Youth Initiative underscores the Punjab government’s commitment to providing accessible and sustainable transportation options for university students. By offering a diverse range of bikes and e-bikes, the government not only facilitates students’ educational pursuits but also promotes environmental sustainability and innovation. This initiative reflects the government’s dedication to empowering youth and fostering their overall development and well-being. Apply now and seize the opportunity to ride towards a brighter future.