GOOD NEWS: Ehsaas Program Check Registration Method

Ehsaas Program Online Verification: Ensuring Aid for Deserving Citizens

The Ehsaas Program Online Check enables individuals to confirm their registration status in the government-supported initiative aimed at assisting the impoverished and deserving populace of Pakistan. This program streamlines online registration via SMS and offers a straightforward process to verify registration status using CNIC.

To register online, follow these steps:

Click on the provided link in this article to access the registration form.
Fill out the necessary information on the form, including your CNIC, phone number, and full name.
Submit the form to enroll in the Ehsaas Program.

For the most recent updates, it’s advised that individuals who haven’t completed their survey should do so promptly. Failing to complete the survey may lead to the suspension of financial assistance. To ensure uninterrupted support, complete the survey at your earliest convenience.

If you prefer applying through the new method, several options are available. You can apply via the portal form, obtainable from any local Ehsaas center.

Follow these steps:

Obtain the portal form from your local Ehsaas center.
Provide all necessary information on the form.
Submit the completed form to the designated representative at the center.
After submission, expect to receive a confirmation SMS within approximately 24 hours.

It’s essential to note that eligibility for the program will be communicated through SMS, ensuring a seamless process for those eligible to receive financial assistance.

Ehsaas Program Check Online

To check your Ehsaas Program aid amount online or through SMS, follow these steps:

Checking Ehsaas Program Balance Online:

Visit the official Ehsaas Program website.
Navigate to the section dedicated to checking the aid amount.
Enter your CNIC and other required details.
Submit the information to check your aid balance online.

Check Ehsaas Program Balance through SMS (8171):

If you prefer to check your aid amount through SMS, follow these steps:

Open the messaging app on your mobile phone.

Compose a new SMS.

Type your CNIC number in the message.

Send the SMS to 8171.

You will receive an authentication SMS indicating whether your aid amount has been disbursed or not. If you are eligible for the program, the SMS will confirm the disbursement of the aid amount.


If you are eligible and receive the SMS confirmation, you can collect your relief money from any Ehsaas center in your local area.

In case you face difficulties in collecting money from the center, you can also get your relief money from any HBL (Habib Bank Limited) branch in your local area.

This process allows you to easily access information about your Ehsaas Program aid amount and collect it from a convenient location.

FAQs: How to Check Ehsaas Program Online in 2024 By CNIC Number (8171)?

This is a simple and easy method:

Visit the Ehsaas Official Portal.

Click on the “Eligibility Check” Button.

Submit your documents and wait for some time.

You will receive all the information about yourself.

FAQs: How to Check Ehsaas Program Money Online in 2024?

To check your payment in the Ehsaas Program, follow these simple steps:

Open the message box on your mobile phone.

Type your CNIC Number.

Send it to 8171.

Wait for some time.

You will receive all the information about your payment.


FAQs: How to Check Benazir’s Income Support Program Payment of 25,000?

To check your payment for Benazir’s Income Support Program of 25,000:

Check your eligibility for the program.

If eligible, send your CNIC number to 8171.

Wait for the confirmation.

If eligible for 9000, you can receive the payment and check the payment details.

These steps provide a straightforward way to check your eligibility and payment status in the Ehsaas Program and Benazir’s Income Support Program.