GOOD NEWS: Pakistan Government Announced Muft Atta Scheme

Government of Pakistan is going to give free flour to people so how do you get it, how do you apply, who will get it. The new installment of Rs 100,000 to the family will also start from today. Under Benazir Income Support Program Rs 10500 or Rs 9000 installments.

Cash will also be given by the government as a special Eid, so it is your obligation if you do not receive it, the money given to you will go back and you may lose it. You have gone for assistance programs, then no new process has been released yet for registration in these assistance programs, but still another chance has been given by the government if you are eligible for Benazir Income Support Program. Not getting or someone is giving you show on these numbers.

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You can call and find out, you can register your complaint. This is the installment of the sponsorship program under the Benazir Income Sports Program, the installment under the Ramadan package, which includes 10,000 for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, 5000 for Sindh. , Balochistan 5000 and Azad Kashmir Jammu Kashmir with Islamabad. With the amount of Gilgit Bali being given,

Let me tell you that here you will find many people who have received their documents since last six months, many of them will have installments of Rs 10,500 in their accounts, so they need to contact their nearest Pay clerks must check their accounts. They may also get that if the payment has arrived you will be able to take it, so wait a little longer. are also issued till March You can easily get it by contacting your nearest people, even ATMs are working.

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All such persons received the gift of free flour and free ration here or those who received free flour? For these people, the government has launched the Khushi Ramadan relief program from the utility store, so you can take your ID card to the store, go to the nearest utility store and get the ration subsidy as well as the flour. You will get discount flour ie if you buy 19 Asia and make essential purchases you will get it at a very low rate, all women in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who have PTM score less than 25, Govt. It has been decided to give them. Gaya means it has been decided to give 1000 rupees, similarly 5000 rupees have also been given to you. InshAllah I will also tell you about it and what will be required to apply for the new scheme, also the minimum requirements for students to apply for this new scheme. It is necessary. Even less, if you don’t have a license, you may have a motorcycle at home right now, so you can get your license. If you make it mandatory to ride a motorcycle, then you will need it.

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