HBL Islamic Banking

HBL Islamic Banking

HBL Islamic Banking has taken a groundbreaking step by launching Pakistan’s first Shariah-compliant point of sale (POS) machine. This innovative move is not only a milestone for the bank but also a significant advancement in Pakistan’s rapidly growing Islamic finance sector. By providing a solution that adheres strictly to Shariah principles, HBL Islamic Banking is setting a new standard for interest-free financial transactions.

Shariah-Compliant POS Machine

The newly launched Shariah-compliant POS machine is designed to facilitate transactions that align with Islamic financial principles. Unlike conventional POS machines, this device ensures that all transactions processed through it are compliant with Shariah guidelines. It is supported by Islamic banking merchant accounts, which means it only processes transactions that are free from interest and other non-compliant elements.

HBL Islamic Banking
HBL Islamic Banking

Significance of the Launch

The introduction of this POS machine is a testament to HBL Islamic Banking’s commitment to upholding Shariah principles. Farhan Ahmed, head of corporate affairs at HBL Islamic Banking, emphasized that the machine’s ability to reject non-compliant transactions reinforces the bank’s dedication to providing truly Shariah-compliant financial solutions. This launch is particularly beneficial for businesses that avoid interest-based financial systems, promoting a broader adoption of Islamic banking.

Impact on Businesses

This Shariah-compliant POS machine is poised to significantly impact businesses, especially those that are sensitive to non-compliant financial dealings. According to Ahmed Ali Siddiqui, director at the Center for Excellence in Islamic Finance, the development will encourage more businesses to open Islamic banking accounts. By offering a compliant financial transaction option, it also inspires merchants to switch to Islamic banking solutions, fostering wider acceptance and use of Islamic financial services.

Growth of Islamic Banking in Pakistan

Islamic banking has been experiencing substantial growth in Pakistan. As a Muslim-majority country with a population of about 225 million, there has been a marked increase in demand for interest-free banking options. The sector’s assets have surpassed Rs4 trillion, while deposits exceed Rs3.4 trillion. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) reported a year-on-year growth of 30.6% in assets and 28.4% in deposits for Islamic banking institutions as of March 2021.

HBL Islamic Banking
HBL Islamic Banking

Market Share and Future Targets

The Islamic banking industry holds a significant market share within Pakistan’s overall banking sector, with 17% of assets and 18.7% of deposits. The SBP has set ambitious growth targets, aiming for around 30% growth in assets and deposits by 2025. Efforts are underway to build capacity and train human resources to meet these goals, as highlighted by Mufti Muhammad Zahid of Soneri Bank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the significance of the Shariah-compliant POS machine?

The POS machine ensures transactions comply with Shariah principles, rejecting non-compliant transactions and supporting businesses that prefer interest-free financial solutions.

Where will the POS machines be installed?

The POS machines will be installed at various business venues that adhere to Shariah guidelines.

How does this POS machine benefit businesses?

It encourages businesses, particularly those avoiding interest-based transactions, to open Islamic banking accounts, fostering wider adoption of Islamic banking.

What are the growth statistics for Islamic banking in Pakistan?

As of March 2021, Islamic banking assets grew by 30.6%, and deposits by 28.4%. The sector holds 17% of assets and 18.7% of deposits in the overall banking industry.

What is the future growth target for Islamic banking in Pakistan?

The State Bank of Pakistan aims for a 30% growth in assets and deposits of the Islamic banking sector by 2025.


The launch of HBL Islamic Banking’s Shariah-compliant POS machine marks a significant advancement in Pakistan’s Islamic finance sector. This initiative not only promotes interest-free financial solutions but also supports businesses in aligning with Shariah principles. With the robust growth of Islamic banking in Pakistan, this new development is set to further strengthen the sector and provide more options for compliant financial transactions.