Income Support 8171 Registration

Income Support 8171 Registration

Ehsaas Program Benazir Income Support 8171 Registration Program in the year 2024 How can you register for all these aid programs How can you get a survey done How can one become eligible, what is the procedure to become eligible and what is the eligibility criteria, who can get the money, all the details are available in today’s.At this time, there are many relief programs working in Pakistan, among which there is Ehsaas Naasho Nama, Ehsaas Kafa Program, Ehsaas Ration Concession Program, Daral Ehsaas Program, there are many programs, so you can choose according to your category You can take money from all these programs and run your household expenses, if you are eligible, if you are deserving, if you think that you are eligible, if you meet their eligibility criteria, then first of all you should apply for it You have to check your Affiliation.

Eligibility criteria

I will share with you how to check Affiliation. If you visit the official website of Benazie Income Support Program, you will find the link of 8171 web portal. I will give it to you in the description. When you simply click on that link, you will come to the top of this page. After coming here, you have to give your grandson card number here. As soon as you write your grandson card number, it will appear to you below. You get the option of code. You have to write this code here. Whenever you refresh this page or open this link again,this code changes. Whatever code is there, it will be written here. But you have to write it now 7606 If you have the code then write it here and write the peace card number above it, you will find out, after clicking you will get the details here on the top of the screen, are you eligible for this program or not or you have to If you need to go to the nearest office, then you have to follow whatever is written here. Apart from this, if you do not have a mobile or computer or do not need internet, then you can check Ahali from your small mobile as well. 

8171 Portal 

You can do it and how You have to go to your message option and in the message you have to write the number of your CNIC card. After writing the number you have to send that message to 8171. You have to send that message, when you send it, just like you get the message on the screen whether you are available or not or you need to go to the office, similarly you will get those things written in the message as well, after that You have to go to any office of Bay Rinkan Sports Program near you or any office of Ehsaas Program near you .

Income Support 8171 Registration
Income Support 8171 Registration

b-Form Registration 

The best is to go there You have to contact the registration desk there and tell them which program you want to register for, Ehsaas Ka Fatah program or Benazir Talimi Wazaf Is it a program or a Ba Hemat program, it is a savings scheme program, whichever program you want to register for, they will tell you, then they will take the grandson card from you and take the children’s bay form, it is very important for the children to be bay form, you must register yourself in Nadra Get the children registered and make sure that the entries are made correctly. 

Dynamic Survey 

Many mistakes are also made in Befam  above. So check that as well and if you find any mistake in it, get that corrected as well. After that, you should get your registration done. There, when you submit your grandchild card and the children’s bay form, then you will be informed about your survey and you will be given a token that if your survey has already been done, it will be updated, if it has not been done, then you will be given a token to conduct a new survey. It will be given to you, after that you have to sit and then you have to register You will be called to a room where you have to give information and you will be asked some questions. 

Check Status 

You will be asked how much is your income, whether you have any car, house or property in your name After asking all these things, you will be A form will be given, after filling it, you will be asked to put your thumb impression on it and this will complete your registration process. Then you will get a message from a page in which you will be told whether you are eligible or not through that message. Along with this, I would also like to tell you that if you want to be a part of these programs and you take money from these programs, then it is important to keep some things in mind that you should not buy any house in your name. The property should not be in your name The vehicle should not be in your nameThe SIM card should not be in your name The SIM card should not have many packages or balance on it Apart from that you should not have travelled to any foreign country or you Or if your husband takes care of all these things.


Then you will definitely become eligible and for the education of the children also you have to get the form made and submit it, then you will keep getting money for the education of the children as well along with this you will get Let me also tell you that there is no way of online registration in these programs, so you should not get online registration done from anyone and do not give money to anyone so that he says that I will solve your problem, there is no such way, these are scams, you have to avoid these frauds, there is a bare income program or a Saas program, if you want to get registered, then the only way for that is that you go to their office and there you go and give them all your information.

Income Support 8171 Registration
Income Support 8171 Registration

PMT score

They will check your PMT score, if your PMT score is low then you will be declared qualified, if it is high then you will not be declared qualified, then PMT score works in the same way. It is done but it has started in some cities only, the work is not there in most of the cities right now, so you can get the Income Support 8171 Registration done only by going to the office. I hope you must have got a lot of information from today’s video. You must have gained a lot of knowledge from this.