Kafalat Program Check

Kafalat Program Check

Ehsaas Program or Kafalat Program Check in the year 2024 Benazir Income Support Program How to register in all these Imdadi programs How to get the survey done How can you become Ahal What is the method to become Ahal in it and what is their eligibility criteria Who will get the money All the details are present in today’s video, so watch the video till the end so that you can also join these programs and you can also get money, then without wasting time

Ehsaas Kafalat Program

At present many relief programs are working in Pakistan in which Ehsaas Nashow Numa Hai, Ehsaas Kafalat Program, Ehsaas Ration Concession Program, Daral Ehsaas Program, there are many programs, so read our article. According to the category, you can take money from all these programs and can meet the expenses of your house. If you are eligible, if you are entitled, then if you think that you are eligible, you are entitled and you fulfill their eligibility criteria. For that, first of all you checked your Ahaliya.

Benazir Income Support Program

What has to be done is how to check the status, I will also share with you, if you go to the official website of Benazir Income Support Program, you will get the web portal of 811, I will give you its link in the description, you can simply click on that link. When you click on the above, you will come to this page. After coming here, you have to enter your Nati card number. As soon as you write the number of your Nati card, you get this option below. You have to enter this code here. Have to write whenever you refresh this page or open this link again.

Kafalat Program Check
Kafalat Program Check

Code Get Changed

This code gets changed, whatever the code will be, you have to write it here, now this code is 7606, then write it here, write the number of Shanti Card above it, you will know by clicking above, after clicking, you will get the details here. You will get on the top of the screen whether you are eligible for this program or not or you need to go to your nearest office, then you have to follow whatever is written here. Apart from this, if you have a mobile. If you don’t have a computer, you don’t need internet, then you can check Ahli even from your small mobile and how.

Message to 8171

What you have to do is you have to go to your message option and go to the message and write the number of your Nath card. After writing the number, you have to send that message to 8171. You have to send that message to 8171 when you send it. So just as here on the screen you get the message that you are ready or not or you need to go to the office, similarly you will get those things written in the message too, after that you have to go to any of your close friends. Whichever office of Sports Program or Ehsaas Program is nearest to you, you have to go there.

Shanakhti Card 

You have to go and approach the registration desk and tell them in which program you want to register, whether it is Ehsaas Ka Faat program or Benazir Talimi Wajaf program or Bahemat program or savings scheme program, whichever program you want. If you want to get registered in Nadra, they will tell you, then they will take the Shanakhti Card from you and will take the birth form of the children. It is very important for the children to be registered in Nadra. You must get your children registered in Nadra and get them registered there properly. Even the dishonest make mistakes

Grandchild Card

Above all, check that also and if there is any mistake in it, get it rectified, after that you have to get the registration done, there when you will give the grandchild card, you will give the child’s bay form, after that your survey will be declared as yours and you will be given a token that If your survey has already been done then we will update it, if not then you will be given a token to do a new survey, after that you have to sit, then you will be called to the registration room, there you have to go and give information and you will have to do something. Questions will be answered. You will be asked what is your income. Is there a car or house in your name?

Kafalat Program Check
Kafalat Program Check

Registration Process

If you do not have any property, then after asking all these things, you will be given a form. After filling it, your thumb impression will be put on it and this registration process will be completed for you. Then you will get a message from such Qatar, if you are eligible. If you are eligible or not, then you are informed through that message. Along with this, let me also tell you that if you want that you are eligible in these programs and take money from these programs, then keep some things in mind for this. It is important to keep that you should not own any house in your name, property should not be in your name, the car should not be in your name.

Education of Children

The SIM which is in your name should not have too many packages on it, there should not be too much balance on it, apart from this you should not have traveled to any foreign country or you or your husband has taken care of all these things. If you keep it then you will definitely become eligible and for the education of children also you have to get the form made and submit it, then you will continue to get money for the education of children also. Along with this, let me also tell you that online registration in these programs is possible. There is no way to register online, hence you should not ask anyone for online registration.

PMT Score

And don’t give money etc. to anyone so that he can ask you for it.If you say that I will get you the solution, then there is no such method. You know, these are scams. You have to avoid these frauds. It is a low income SP program or a SaaS program. If you want to get the solution done then only this method is available for you. What is said is that you go to their office and go there and give them all your information and then they will check your PMT score. If your PMT score is less then you will be rejected. If it is more then you will be fined. PMT score will go

Registration Done 

Similarly, it works that there is no property in your name, no balance, no overused bank account, you have to take care of all these things, now a new scheme is being started, a van has been made for them, ban chanting. For those who have the programme, the van goes to your locality in your city and Kafalat Program Check your registration is done there, but now it has started in some cities, most of the work is not there, so till now you can get the registration done only by going to the office.