LATEST UPDATE: Benazir Income Support Program Dynamic Survey New Payment

BISP 10500 New Payment:

The latest update regarding the Benazir Income Support Program‘s new episode indicates that payments will commence from May 13th, as announced by the government. Unlike previous methods where payments were collected from retailers, beneficiaries will now need to visit designated camp sites to receive their installment.

New Update for New Survey and Screening Women:

Payments for newly enrolled women will commence according to their respective dates. Additionally, women undergoing checkups, even those who recently completed surveys, can expect payments in July. Payments for women who have been registered for six months and are undergoing examinations will also begin in June-July. Regular beneficiaries will start receiving payments in May, including payments for their children, scheduled for May 13th. Women whose verifications have been resolved need not worry about their children’s payments, which will continue as usual. If in doubt, they can contact the helpline or visit program offices for confirmation.

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Update for Re-verification Ladies:

Women who have undergone re-verification can check their child’s ID card status on the 71 81 web portal, and their husband’s ID card status on the 8171 portal. This verification process determines eligibility for the program. If a child’s form or husband’s ID card is declared ineligible, they cannot participate. However, for women undergoing new surveys, ongoing verifications allow them to receive payments. The method to check eligibility and contact the helpline is provided.

Announcement of Last Date for Dynamic Survey:

The deadline for re-verification or conducting new surveys under the Benazir Income Support Program, initially set by the previous government, is now under review. While there was speculation about a new deadline, the government clarifies that no such announcement has been made. Women have until June 30th to complete their surveys, after which payments will be halted for those who haven’t complied. Women successfully completing re-verification by June 30th will continue in the program; however, disqualification results in a two-year exclusion.

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Roster Survey Update for Ineligible Women:

Here’s an important update for women who underwent re-verification but were disqualified from the program: there’s an opportunity to regain eligibility through roster updates. By updating the roster, they can potentially rejoin the program if they meet the criteria. Additionally, even if they choose not to update their roster, accompanying a sister who hasn’t undergone re-verification yet can also help. By adding her as the head of the household and having her surveyed, both can potentially rejoin the program. This roster update process can be initiated at any nearby BISP office for those interested in updating their information.