LATEST UPDATE: BISP 3 Big Changes In benazir Kafalat

The program of motorcycle scheme and solar system which was started by the government, now these programs have been fully started and their registration has started. You can register at home if you register. If you qualify in these programs, you will also be given a motorcycle at half price and will be provided with a complete solar system, in which you will be given two solar plates and a UPS battery for free. will go
Of course you’ll want to know how to register for our assistance programs

Benazir Income Support Program:

A major change is being made in the Benazir Income Support Program by the Government of Pakistan. In particular, the disqualification of previously eligible persons and the inclusion of new persons in these programs have led to a large number of persons who were previously eligible for the Benazir Kafalat program but are now excluded from the program. People Disqualifying Now we’ll tell you some of the reasons why people are disqualifying, but before that, let’s talk about how people who are already in the Benazir Income Support Program are getting their severance payments. They have to conduct the survey again because those who have not conducted their survey even once in 2023, that is, if you are taking the installments of Benazir Income Support Program before 2023.If you have registered in the Benazir Income Support Program before 2023, then you will have to do the survey again, whether you have received the re-survey message from 8171 or not. The last date of the survey is 30 June 2024, but those who are now disqualified from the Benazir Income Support Program, their eligibility or ineligibility has nothing to do with the re-survey. If you have not re-surveyed or if you have re-surveyed, you will not be disqualified from the Benazir Income Support Program because of re-surveying or non-re-surveying. may be disqualified in July 2024

Before that, if you have re-surveyed from today and you are not eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program, then you should still pay all the benefits of the first Benazir Income Support Program before June 30. The installments will continue and in the month of July you will be disqualified again.

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Persons ineligible for Benazir Income Support Program:

Most of the people who are being kicked out of the Benazir Income Support Program in large numbers today are people who had their own land or had bank accounts or some other things that they owned. Benazir Income Support Program was not written while conducting the survey. And as you now know that the Benazir Income Support Program has been fully shared with NADRA, the information that is attached to your ID card means if you have taken your land or any such vehicle. The kind of motorcycle you have is registered in your name and you didn’t write it when you did the Benazir Income Support Program survey, so in this case you people are being kicked out of the Benazir Income Support Program because it will expire in 2023. Earlier, Benazir Income Support Program used to conduct a survey in which the data of the people was not taken from NADRA, but now NADRA also provides complete records to the Income Support Program.

Due to which many things of your people which are registered with your identity card, their records are also provided to the Benazir Income Support Program and then if you are not eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program. Now let us tell you that there is only one solution to this matter, that when you guys get your survey done in the Benazir Income Support Program, you guys should tell the true information that you have. No, you guys tell us that we don’t have this thing and in addition some people are not getting qualified due to the fact that they also have children’s forms.But they did not go to the Benazir Income Support Program office and register their children’s Beform, even in this case, people are being kicked out of the Benazir Income Support Program, so the solution is that you people should register your children’s Beform. If the forms are made, it is fine, if not, make them without forms and go to the office and register the fan on them.

Under Benazir Income Support Program, installments of Benazir education scholarship have been received in the account of all people, whether you are among the newly registered families of Benazir Income Support Program or if you are already taking installments, then you have your own ID card. Be sure to check out the 8171 portal.

Because the portal gives you complete up-to-date information when your money comes into your account then you people are shown there that money is in your account and get it if you are getting verified. If yes then the portal keeps telling people to check.

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Motorcycle Scheme:

New schemes were launched by the government like solar system and motorcycle scheme now out of these two schemes the application has started in the motorcycle scheme the government has also provided the website. On top of that, you have to enter your data, the information you are being asked for is what you have to enter there, but please note that not all people can register in this scheme, it is only for universities and A program has been started for students studying in colleges, in which children studying in colleges and universities will be able to get their registration done and if they are eligible and on the basis of merit, they will be eligible in this program. So one who is enrolled in universities or studying in college then he can register in this program after completion of registration you will be checked after checking if you are merit based and if you are eligible in this important become.

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Solar System:

The registration of the solar system program is also going to start very soon, of course, according to what has been announced by the government so far, these solar systems will be provided to 50 thousand households in Punjab and this motorcycle scheme. Whatever it is, it is also for the people of Punjab province

Then you will be given a motorcycle, it can be an electric bike, that is, a motorcycle that runs on current, or it can be a gasoline bike, that is, a motorcycle that runs on gasoline. Before buying a motorcycle, you have to deposit 20 thousand rupees in advance in the first installment, after that you have to pay monthly installment of 5 thousand rupees for petrol bike and monthly installment of 10 thousand rupees for electric bike. That means that the government will have to deposit, in this way you can join the scheme of motorbikes and receive a motorcycle. Of course, these are very easy installments of five thousand and 10 thousand rupees if you have to deposit a monthly installment and a very cheap motorcycle. If it is provided to you, it will surely be a great reward for you people.

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