New 10500 Payment

New 10500 Payment 

Respected viewers Assalam Walekum, congratulations to everyone, you are going to get the installment of ₹ New 10500 Payment from Benazir  Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa. If you also want to get your money in your account in Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa or you want to know the list of those areas where your money will be sent to your account, then go to the comment and write yes so that we can know how many people are there who want money in Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa accounts. From which day is the process of money coming in the account going to start? Benazir and Ehsaas , who are those families whose fun has started? 

Third Phase

The third Malla When is it going to start and you are going to get the payment, while the investigators did they get money in Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa or is there a possibility of releasing the payment of such people who have been deprived or not. This is a very big and important news of the moment. So, finally, congratulations to everyone. You are going to get the new installment from Jazz Cash and this money. In which form will you get this money and in which family will this money be distributed? Will you have to open a new account or will you get the money in the Jazz Cash account that you already have? 

Deductions Amount 

Or if you have an account for this money, then what is its method? We will give you A to Z details. While the process of payment of ₹10,500 is still going on from the camp site, a large number of people are collecting payments. Now the rush is too much and women are not getting any space. Women are sweating profusely. And The heat is too intense. Even the fans don’t work. There is so much heat in the house that fans have been arranged in some centers, but now Where it is so hot, even fans don’t work and they also fail. Women are getting payment with great difficulty, although the payment process is still proper in many camps. Deductions are already happening, in this some part is being done by the women themselves and some is being done by the retailers. 

New 10500 Payment
New 10500 Payment

BISP Program 

However, if the deduction is not done by the retailer and if one shows honesty, then there will be no problem of any kind.Neither the one who gets the deduction done will get it done. Everything that depends depends only on the retailer, who is the representative of BISP, who is sitting in the camp, everything depends on him. If he works honestly and does not deduct money, then how is there a need for the one who gets the money deducted, that he himself pays and collects his money. So, for this reason, also look at the intensity of the heat, whoever wants to take their kiss, you should reach there very early, at least by 6-6:30, because as soon as you enter from the gate, you will be.

Benazir Kafalat 

There are chairs in the front, in that If you get a place and you also get the token first, then there is a lot of hope that you will also get the payment soon. If you come late, then it will be a problem for you. The problem may increase for you. You will have to make rounds again and again. So, that is why work is being done on the basis of come quickly and get it quickly. While, let me tell you, on behalf of Benazir Income Support Program, the installment of Benazir Kafalat and Saaj Program will be on a monthly basis. Now you will get money from Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa. Will you get money on the accounts which are already opened or will you have to open a new account and from where will you get the money?

Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa

Let me tell you, if you want, then if your account is already opened with Jazz Cash, then there is no problem. If your account is not opened with Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa, then you can open your account sitting at home. The number which you are using for Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa, you will have to form the agent of Jazz Cash and its verification will be done. It will be done by the non-profit income support firm, at least one month is its time limit, as soon as that time limit is completed, then your payment will be received from the cash account and from this money account, so let us tell you that the payment will not be credited to your account.

New 10500 Payment
New 10500 Payment

cash offices

So we are agents, you must have often seen in cash offices or outside in cities, whose work is also to give you SIMs, then they will also be able to make payments, but for this, the condition is necessary that your account should be in your name, it will not happen that someone else has an account and you also have a SIM and you get it verified as your account, then this will not happen, you will have to open your account, only then you will be able to get the payment in your account.

Camp site

There will be a process for that too we will tell you in detail that what is the process for this, what will have to be done after taking the cash card, how will the thumb impression be taken, we will also tell you this and will also tell you the list in which currency notes like money will be credited You will get it through cash and easy money and what other sources will be there where you will get money from other banks, while the third stage is being started from 3rd July, you will be able to withdraw your New 10500 Payment from the camp site. Will the investigators get the payment through cash or easy money? Yes, it has been announced by the government that they will also be able to collect the payment through cash and easy money, while those who are illiterate people should wait for the date of the new survey when their date creeps up.