تازہ ترین اپ ڈیٹ: بینظیر انکم سپورٹ پروگرام کا نیا پیمنٹ شروع | نیا بینکنگ سسٹم اپ ڈیٹ 2024

New Banking System:

Benazir introduced a new banking system for all payments of the Benazir  Income Support Program under which the hassles of receiving your payments will end. It used to be deducted and sometimes you were humiliated for not getting this deduction, but now all your worries are going to end because the government has introduced Benazir Income Support Program to six new banks. is being allocated for payments and not only this, the ATM machine of these banks will also match your payments, which is a very easy procedure for all of you, when the payment starts to match with the ATM. If there is, all the worries will end in such a way that neither deduction nor you will have to stand in lines nor will you have to wait long when you go to the ATM, very easily just 10 minutes. You will receive your full payment within 2018. There is also a big update in this regard that all the new banks that are being earmarked by the government for BISP payments include Easy Paisa and Jazz Cash. Banks are also included, by the way, we can use these mobile accounts, whether they are Easy Paisa or Jazz Cash, but this time they have been selected for BISP payments in their branches. According to reports so far, Jazz Cash’s parent bank Mobile Bank Macro Finance Bank and Easy paisa Bank Telenor Macro Finance Bank are providing these payments on their behalf through their agents. For now, these payments will not be received through mobile accounts, and in the future, it may happen that your payments will be transferred to mobile accounts by these banks, but as soon as there is news in this regard, We will update you first 

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New Banking System
New Banking System

Check dynamic survey eligibility on 8171 web portal:

 Your worry regarding conducting a dynamic survey has been solved to some extent because a large number of people did not know whether we will have a dynamic survey or not because a large number of people have also come to the office to conduct a dynamic survey. Those who have not had their dynamic survey yet need not worry at all, so why are such people going to the office for dynamic survey? Check the eligibility of your ID card on the portal, if you have to undergo a dynamic survey, then you will be informed there that you should go to the nearest office and get your dynamic survey done. It will not be done and yes those who are thinking that we will not conduct the dynamic survey because we will be disqualified, then all such people are requested to conduct their dynamic survey. If you don’t do the dynamic survey, then you will be disqualified from this program, so for now, you should understand that all the people who have done the dynamic survey are getting eligible and therefore you should do your dynamic survey. 

BISP New Banking System Update:

 You will also receive payments from bank ATMs but for now bank ATMs are being introduced before the new banking system, from July 15 you will receive all BISP payments from bank ATMs. will be started but from July 15 you will be able to receive your payments only from the ATM machine of Habib Bank and Bank Al Falah. You will also be able to get payment from ATM machines of new banks 

For More Information : BISP New Payment Start By Bank ATM

Check dynamic survey eligibility on 8171 web portal
Check dynamic survey eligibility on 8171 web portal

The installment of the Kafalat program has started: 

The last phase of the latest installment of the Kafalat program is going to start within the next 48 hours, so your waiting hours are over.