New Update From Benazir Income Support Program About Payment

If you have been removed from the program, it might be due to a recent dynamic survey. Many people have undergone this survey only to be declared as Nahl, meaning they are not entitled to the benefits of the program. This is because the dynamic survey involves a thorough re-evaluation to determine eligibility. If you are found eligible during this investigation, you are included in the program. Otherwise, you are marked as Nahl and removed from the program.

Eligibility Criteria

It’s essential to understand that the dynamic survey can also act as a new registration. This re-evaluation might be necessary for those who fear that undergoing the dynamic survey could result in losing their Rs 500 installments. However, you should not be concerned about this. If you are eligible, the survey will confirm your eligibility, and you will remain in the program. If not, you will be declared Nahl. Therefore, undergoing the dynamic survey is a crucial step to ensure continued eligibility.

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New Update From Benazir Income Support Program About Payment

Importance of the Dynamic Survey

Do not worry about the dynamic survey process. It is necessary because if you do not complete the dynamic survey and have been receiving payments for the past three years, you will be de-listed from the program within the next month, and your payments will stop. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to complete your dynamic survey.

To check the details or know if your dynamic survey needs to be done, you do not need to visit the office in person. There are more convenient ways to manage this process online.

What Should We Do?

Understand Eligibility: Know that the dynamic survey reassesses your eligibility. If you are eligible, you remain in the program; if not, you will be declared Nahl.

Complete the Survey: Ensure you complete the dynamic survey to avoid being de-listed and losing your payments.

Check Survey Status: You can check the details of the dynamic survey or see if you need to complete one without visiting the office. Use the online portal or helpline for assistance

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