BREAKING NEWS: Nigehban Program Announces Helpline For Complaint

Nigehban Program Introduces Helpline for Ramadan Assistance

The Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, has recently inaugurated the Nigehban Program to support low-income families during the holy month of Ramadan. This initiative aims to provide free rations to deserving households. To facilitate communication and address concerns related to the Ramadan applications, a helpline has been established under the direction of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz.

If you encounter any issues or challenges with the Ramadan package, you can easily register your complaint through this helpline. Every public grievance will be promptly addressed within a timeframe of seventy-two hours.

Moreover, for those seeking information regarding registration or the distribution of rations within the Negahban Ramadan program, the helpline is available to provide assistance. It is essential to note that this program is specifically designed for deserving families, ensuring that those in need can avail themselves of the support they require.

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Nigehban Program Helpline Center

For individuals unfamiliar with the Neghaban Ramadan Helpline initiated by Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sahiba, here are the key details. This helpline is a mobile phone number where you can call and register all your complaints. This proactive step by the government aims to enhance convenience, ensuring that you encounter no challenges in accessing the allocated rations. The helpline number is 8070, aligning with the Muft Atta Scheme for the benefit of the deserving families involved in the Nigehban Program.

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Procedure for Filing Complaints through Nigehban Program Helpline

If you choose to file a complaint, rest assured that the process is straightforward:

Call the Helpline: Dial the helpline number provided through your mobile phone.

Provide Complete Details: When connected, the representative will request comprehensive details regarding your concern.

Explain Difficulties: Share all the difficulties you are facing in full detail with the representative.

Complaint Resolution: Once your complaint is registered, the authorities commit to addressing it within seventy-two hours.

By following this simple procedure, you can register your complaints from the comfort of your home. Keep in mind that you need to have sufficient balance on your SIM card to make calls.

Nigehban Program Registration Through Helpline

For those looking to complete their registration in the Neghabna Program, it’s essential to understand the process. This program was launched for the convenience of the public, specifically benefiting individuals with a monthly income less than 60,000 rupees or those regular beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program.

You don’t need to initiate any registration process yourself; government officials will visit your homes, verify your ID card details, and provide ration bags if you meet the eligibility criteria. There’s no separate registration required; just stay at home and wait. Ensure you have a valid National Identity Card to receive the ration. If your ID card has expired or is lost, promptly visit your nearest NADRA office for renewal.

Concluding Thoughts

The purpose of this article was to inform you about the helpline launched for the Neghabna program. I have provided you with comprehensive details in this article, enabling you to register your complaints from the comfort of your home. Additionally, I have summarized crucial points regarding the registration process that can be beneficial for you. If you have any inquiries or need information beyond what has been shared here, feel free to ask in the comment section. Your comments will be promptly addressed.