Payment Start For 8171 And Benazir Income Support Program

The Government of Pakistan has announced the installment for the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). Payments will start being transferred to beneficiaries’ accounts from Thursday or Friday. Although the initial plan was to release the installment, there is a process that must be followed before the funds are disbursed.


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Payment Process

Payment Centers: Unlike previous times when payments were made through retailers and shopkeepers, this installment will be distributed through various centers, including schools, colleges, and government institutions.

Retailer Notification: Retailers have been informed that payments will be handled at designated centers. Banks will provide the locations of these camps to ensure that beneficiaries can easily access their funds.

Camp Details: Beneficiaries will receive detailed information about the camp locations and procedures. This includes the address and the representative responsible for the payments at each camp.

Combined Installment Information

Children’s Stipend: This time, the children’s stipend (Benazir Taleemi Wazifa) installment will also be disbursed along with the regular BISP installment. However, note that these will be combined into one payment.

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Dynamic Survey Update

Survey Beneficiaries: Those who have recently completed the dynamic survey and had their payments stopped will receive their money with this installment. This includes individuals whose payments were paused after completing the survey.

How to Check BISP 10500 via 8171 SMS

To ensure you receive timely updates about your payments, you can use the 8171 SMS service. Here’s how:

Send SMS: Send your CNIC number to the 8171 SMS service.

Receive Response: You will receive a response indicating your payment status and other relevant details.

For More Information

For further updates on the Benazir Income Support Program and the 8171 portal, stay tuned to official announcements and visit your nearest BISP office if you have any issues or require assistance.

Stay informed and ensure that you follow the correct procedures to receive your payments without any issues.

BISP Payment Check-Up and Updates

Payment Eligibility and Distribution

About 20% to 25% of the beneficiaries who have been screened will receive their payments this time. The remaining beneficiaries will be added to the eligible list and can expect their payments between June and July. Patience is required for those who do not receive their payments immediately.

How to Check Payment Status via 8171 Web Portal

For beneficiaries uncertain about the status of their payments, the 8171 web portal provides a convenient way to check. The portal will be updated within the next two days. Follow these steps to check your payment status:

Visit the 8171 Web Portal:

Open your web browser and go to the official 8171 web portal.

Enter Your CNIC Number:

Enter your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number in the designated field.

Check Your Payment Status:

After entering your CNIC, you will be able to see whether your payment has been processed and credited to your account.

This update ensures that beneficiaries can quickly and easily verify their payment status.


Payment Distribution: 20% to 25% of screened beneficiaries will receive payments now; the rest will be eligible by June to July.

8171 Web Portal: The portal will be updated in the next two days. Use it to check your payment status by entering your CNIC number.

Stay updated with official announcements and regularly check the 8171 web portal for the latest information regarding your payments.