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The Phase 2 of Negahban

Phase 2 of Negahban 

The Phase 2 of Negahban Program, a beacon of hope for many, has ushered in its 2d segment with promising updates for the residents of Punjab. This article delves into the brand new developments, registration methods, eligibility criteria, required documents, and the universal affect of the Phase two rollout.

What is the Negahban Program?

The Negahban Program, at first diagnosed for its distribution of vital supplies, has improved its attain in Phase two to furnish an extra bag of Rashan to eligible recipients.The predominant aim of Phase two is to lengthen help to people who have earlier benefited from the program, making sure sustained help at some point of difficult times.

Updates in Phase 2

Unlike the preceding phase, Phase 2 is carried out face-to-face, bettering accessibility and making sure a extra customized strategy to distribution.In Phase 2, beneficiaries are entitled to acquire an more bag of indispensable supplies, similarly assuaging their monetary burdens and improving their first-rate of life.

The Phase 2 of Negahban
The Phase 2 of Negahban

Registration Method Update

Phase two introduces adjustments in the registration procedure to accommodate in the past ineligible families, thereby broadening the program’s attain and impact.Individuals looking for to register for the software can do so without difficulty with the aid of travelling their tehsil workplace and presenting their National Identity Card number.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Negahban Program, folks should have a poverty rating under 30%, making sure help reaches these who want it most.Individuals with a poverty rating exceeding 30% or dealing with crook expenses are ineligible for program benefits.

Required Documents

To streamline the registration manner and keep accountability, candidates are required to furnish particular documents, consisting of proof of residency, National Identity Card, and household details.

Document Verification

Verification of archives such as the Family Registration Certificate and month-to-month earnings certificates is indispensable to stop misuse and make certain truthful distribution.


The launch of Phase two of the Negahban Program signifies a persevered dedication to serving the neighborhood and addressing customary socio-economic challenges. By extending help and streamlining processes, the software ambitions to make a tangible distinction in the lives of Punjab residents.

FAQs about Negahban Program Phase 2:

What is the Negahban Program Phase 2?

Phase two of the Negahban Program entails the distribution of an extra bag of fundamental materials to eligible recipients who have formerly obtained help below the program.

How can I get hold of the 2nd bag of Rashan via the Negahban Program?

If you have already obtained Rashan from the Negahban Program, you are mechanically eligible to acquire the 2d bag. Teams from the Negahban Program will revisit your local for distribution.

I haven’t obtained Rashan from the Negahban Program before. Can I nonetheless register for Phase 2?

Yes, persons who haven’t acquired Rashan formerly can register for Phase two of the Negahban Program. Simply go to your tehsil workplace to register your National Identity Card number.

What archives are required for registration in the Negahban Program?

Required files for registration encompass proof of Pakistani residency, National Identity Card, household member details, Family Registration Certificate (FRC), month-to-month earnings certificates of incomes family members, and family utility bills.

How can I take a look at my eligibility for the Negahban Program?

Eligibility for the Negahban Program is decided by using having a poverty rating under 30%. You can confirm your poverty rating on the program’s website.