BIG NEWS: Punjab Government Free Book Scheme of 1.6 Billion for Students

The recent initiative by the Punjab government, allocating a substantial budget of Rs. 1.6 billion to provide free books to students throughout the province’s schools, marks a significant stride towards improving educational accessibility and nurturing a culture of learning. This program not only guarantees students access to essential learning materials but also champions environmental sustainability through a concurrent tree plantation campaign.

Overview of the Free Book Scheme

The Punjab government‘s endeavor aims to relieve the financial strain on students and their families by offering textbooks free of charge, aligning with its commitment to ensuring education as a fundamental right for all.

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Implementation Details

The Finance Department has allocated the designated budget to the Schools Education Department, responsible for distributing free books across Punjab’s schools. School administrators are directed to utilize a specialized tree plantation application to engage in this ongoing initiative. Schools must document their tree plantation endeavors through photographs uploaded via the application. Progress on the types of trees planted and their growth will be monitored through this platform.

The School Education Department has dispatched a letter to all school principals, stipulating adherence to the directives concerning the free book scheme and tree plantation initiative. This directive aims to ensure consistency and accountability throughout the implementation process.


Furthermore, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has been a staunch advocate for environmental preservation and community engagement in the Plant for Pakistan campaign. She has underscored the significance of tree plantation in mitigating air pollution and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of Punjab’s landscape.

Who is eligible to benefit from the free book scheme?

All students enrolled in schools across Punjab, regardless of their socioeconomic status, are entitled to avail themselves of free textbooks.


the Punjab government’s allocation of 1.6 billion rupees for the free book scheme highlights its dedication to advancing education and environmental sustainability. Through the provision of vital learning materials to students and the promotion of tree plantation initiatives, the government is nurturing comprehensive development and making a lasting contribution to the welfare of current and future generations.