Punjab Live Stock Card Announced By CM Maryam Nawaz

CM Punjab Livestock Card Scheme 2024:

The Punjab government is set to launch the first-ever Livestock Card scheme in 2024 to provide farmers with interest-free loans. The project was approved by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz while presiding over a meeting regarding the provision of facilities to individuals involved in the livestock business. The Chief Minister stated that the government aims to make livestock farmers economically independent.

Eligibility Criteria for Punjab Livestock Card:

The CM Punjab Livestock Card is designed to support landowners who are actively engaged in livestock farming. The eligibility criteria include:

Being a resident of Punjab.

Actively engaged in livestock farming.

Owning agricultural land and livestock.

Being a member of agricultural cooperatives.

Priority is given to low-income farmers.

Documentation of identity, residency, and livestock ownership.

Age between 18 and 65 years old.

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Punjab Live Stock Card Announced By CM Maryam Nawaz

Benefits of the CM Punjab Livestock Card for Farmers:

Financial Assistance: Provides direct financial assistance for feed, medicine, and other essential supplies.

Reimbursement Loans: Offers reimbursement loans for the growth of livestock businesses or cattle purchases.

Livestock Security: Protects against unexpected damages.

Animal Welfare Services: Provides free or subsidized services for cattle health and production.

Training Programs: Offers training and education on modern livestock management techniques.

Market Access: Facilitates access to markets for selling livestock products at competitive rates.

Government Initiatives: Ensures easy availability of government initiatives related to livestock farming.

Application Process for the CM Punjab Livestock Card:

The application process for the Livestock Card is accessible to all eligible farmers. Steps include:

Obtain Application Form: Available from the local husbandry office, veterinary clinics, or the Punjab government website.

Complete Form: Fill out the form and attach photocopies of necessary documents such as identity proof, residency, and livestock ownership.

Submit Form: Submit the completed form and documents to the local husbandry office or designated submission centers.

Verification: The provided information will be verified by officials.

Issuance: Upon successful verification, the Livestock Card will be issued to the farmer.

Farmers Interest-Free Loan:

Officials informed the Chief Minister that interest-free loans will be provided to male and female dairy farmers in rural areas of South Punjab. Over 40,000 farmers are expected to benefit from this scheme, which will be used to buy animal feed.

Punjab Livestock Card Project:

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has approved the Punjab Livestock Card project, which will grant Rs 250,000 interest-free loans for animal feed. The Chief Minister presided over a meeting on livestock where important projects were granted approval. The Chief Minister directed the simplification of the loan acquisition process for livestock farmers and the formulation of a dairy farming scheme in South Punjab. She emphasized the goal of putting livestock farmers on the path to economic independence.

Loan Limit under Punjab Livestock Card Scheme:

Under the Livestock Card scheme, farmers will receive soft loans of up to Rs 270,000 for purchasing feed, silage, and mineral mixtures in Punjab. Farmers are required to repay their loans within 90 days using the Punjab Livestock Card. The scheme also includes the ‘Animal Identity Traceability System’ in Punjab, which facilitates free tagging of animals, free insemination services, and feed quality testing facilities.


The CM Punjab Livestock Scheme 2024 exemplifies the Punjab government’s commitment to fostering agricultural prosperity and empowering farmers. Through strategic initiatives like interest-free loans, technological advancements, and streamlined access to resources, the scheme is poised to revolutionize the livestock sector in Punjab, paving the way for sustainable development and enhanced productivity.