Punjab’s Internship Program For Agriculture Graduates

Name of the Scheme:

Internship Scheme for Agriculture Graduates

Total Cost:

Rs. 755.000 million

Gestation Period:

1 year (2024-25)

Scheme Objectives:

Professional Development: Equip fresh agriculture graduates with professional knowledge, enhancing their communication skills, leadership abilities, and institutional coordination.

Skill Enhancement: Foster professional skills and a positive attitude necessary for effectively discharging assigned responsibilities.

Service Delivery: Improve the delivery of services to farmers through enhanced communication skills among extension agents.

Scheme Components:

Paid Interns: A team of 1000 paid interns.

Monitoring: Urban Unit for real-time monitoring.

Eligibility Criteria for Interns:

Minimum Qualification: BSc (Hons) Agriculture.

Age Limit: Up to 25 years.

Domicile: Preference given to candidates with local domicile and residents of the same Tehsil.


Own a smartphone.

Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Sound understanding of agricultural farming practices.

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Punjab’s Internship Program For Agriculture Graduates

Category-wise Total Cost:

Total: Rs. 755.00 million

Stipends: Rs. 720.00 million

Urban Unit: Rs. 10.00 million

Operational Cost: Remaining amount

How to Apply:

Application Process:

Advertisements will be published in leading newspapers, departmental websites, and social media.

Applications, along with relevant documents, will be submitted to the office of the respective Deputy Director of Agriculture (Extension) at the district level.

The Deputy Director acts as the member/secretary of the district-level recruitment committee headed by the respective Deputy Commissioner.

Applicants can also apply through the portal: https://agripunjab.gov.pk/jobs

Approval Date:

The project was approved in the PDWP meeting dated 03-07-2024.

The advertisement will be published after the issuance of the MOM and administrative approval, likely within the next week.


Extension Wing of Agriculture Department Punjab

Focal Person:

Name: Dr. Muhammad Sohail ur Raza

Position: SAO/ Extra ADA (Extension), O/O Director General Agricultural (Extension), Punjab, Lahore

Contact No.: 0300-5342352.

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