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Rashaan Program

Rashaan Program:

The Ehsaas Rashaan Program is a government program that provides subsidies to low-income families to help them purchase food items. The program was launched in 2020 by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.

Ehsaas Latest  Today News:

Aslam Alaikum viewers are going to share with the new update of Benazir Kafalat program, finally, the new installment of 10500 rupees first fee has been started across Pakistan, so far how many accounts have received money and how many people have received it today. How can you join the 8070 Free Ita scheme and when will this program start and how can you receive the ration up of 4 thousand rupees? There is a mill in which now they are also being given relief by the government. Let me know the complete details. The latest big news of this time is that finally, a new installment of Rs. 10500 is being launched across Pakistan. The first phase has also been officially announced, in which you are going to get new payments, but the biggest and most important question is the free flour program under the 8070 program, which is all over Pakistan. It is usually initiated whether you are registering under the free ATA program 8070 under the ATA program, you can register on the up portal or not and the ration up to 4 thousand rupees is being given from Chokka Utility Store. What is the final date so let us clear you who can get ration up to 4 thousand rupees in which you can be given different atoms in which ghee dal sugar you can benefit from it.

Rashaan Program
Rashaan Program

8070 Muft Atta New Rashaan Program:

The ration subsidy is being started on March 4 by the government of Pakistan, while under the free ATA program, the government has to send a message to 8070 to register on its portal to get the ATA subsidy program from the government of Pakistan. You can also be eligible under but the best news is that now even those people who are ineligible can join these programs. You can join and get your relief. To get Rs 10500 installment of Benazir Income Support Program, your score should be 32 but here your score should be up to 40 even then the government will approve you. You will be able to receive subsidy from these two types of ration keys. The ration program will be started from March 4, while the free Ata scheme will be included as soon as the month of Ramadan begins. Under Ate, you will also be able to get subsidy and the registration will also start five days before the month of Ramadan, while the first fee of the new installment of Rs. You will also be able to receive your money from the M machine and along with this, you will be able to receive the amount of Rs. 10500 from the up retailer shop regularly, while the other fee will be to give you a new payment after 23rd to 28th February. will be initiated Benazir Programme Registration for Woman Accross

Rashaan Program
Rashaan Program

Ehsaas Ration Program Online Check Registration:

Ehsaas Ration Program is a program of the Government of Pakistan under which poor and indigent families are subsidized for the purchase of ration. The program was launched in 2020 and has benefited more than 2 crore families so far.

Registration for Ehsaas Ration Program can be done in three ways:

Through SMS
Send your ID card to 8171. If you are eligible for the program, you will receive a message with your registration details two weeks after registration.

**Via Ehsaas Website**
Go to Ehsaas website ( and click on “Ehsaas Ration Program” tab. Fill the registration form and upload the necessary documents.

**Via Ehsaas Center**
Visit your nearest Ehsaas center and get the registration form. Fill the form and submit it to the center along with necessary documents.

Ehsaas Ration Program Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Ehsaas Ration Programme, your family’s monthly income should be less than Rs 50,000. No member of your family should be a government employee. Your family should not own their own home.

Benefits of Ehsaas Ration Program

Under the Ehsaas Ration Programme, deserving families are given a subsidy of Rs 1,000 per month. This subsidy can be used on purchase of flour, sugar, dal, and ghee/cooking oil.

Online Check Registration of Ehsaas Ration Programme

You can check your registration status online by visiting Ehsaas website . Click on the “Ehsaas Ration Program” tab on the website and go to the “Check Registration” option. Enter your ID card number and click on the “Check” button. Your registration status will be displayed on the screen.

For more information

For more information about Ehsaas Ration Programme, you can contact Ehsaas website ( or Ehsaas Helpline (121).