Register complain in the Ehsaas program

How to Register complain in the Ehsaas program

How to Register complain in the Ehsaas program, a flagship initiative aimed at assuaging poverty in Pakistan, stands as a beacon of hope for hundreds of thousands of deserving folks and families. However, regardless of its noble intentions and sizeable appreciation, there may be situations the place beneficiaries come upon problems or have worries they desire to address. Knowing how to efficaciously register a criticism inside the Ehsaas application is paramount in making sure that these worries are now not solely heard however additionally directly resolved.

Registering a Complaint

Registering a grievance inside the Ehsaas software serves as a crucial mechanism for beneficiaries to voice their grievances and are trying to find resolutions. It performs a pivotal position in bettering accountability, transparency, and ordinary software effectiveness. By imparting comments and highlighting areas of improvement, beneficiaries make contributions to the non-stop refinement of the program, eventually making sure that it higher serves its supposed reason of assuaging poverty and uplifting marginalized communities.The Ehsaas software provides a couple of channels thru which beneficiaries can register their complaints, catering to various preferences and accessibility needs. Here’s a breakdown of the reachable options:

SMS Service:

  • Dial 8171 and ship your CNIC range in the message format.
  • This approach is easy and accessible, mainly for these in rural areas with restrained web connectivity.

Online Portal:

  1. Visit the Ehsaas Kafalat software internet site  and navigate to the “Complaints” section.
  2. Register your grievance by using offering indispensable important points like your CNIC number, software name, and a clear description of the issue.
  3. This alternative lets in for greater complicated explanations and workable attachment of helping documents.
How to Register complain in the Ehsaas program
How to Register complain in the Ehsaas program

Toll-Free Helpline:

  • Call 0800-26477 or 111-786-111 from your cellular phone.
  • Speak to a consumer carrier consultant and give an explanation for your grievance clearly.
  • This technique lets in for direct interplay and clarification of any questions you may also have.

Complaint Management System (CMS):

  • Visit the Mohtasib internet site and pick out “Ehsaas Kafalat” as the worried department.
  • Register through imparting your private data and important points of your complaint.
  • This platform lets in for formal criticism registration and monitoring its progress.

Register complain in the Ehsaas program Offices:

  1. Locate your nearest Ehsaas workplace via traveling the program’s legit website.
  2. Visit the workplace in individual and communicate to a exact complaint officer.
  3. This technique is appropriate for these who select face-to-face interplay and require similarly assistance.

Registering a Complaint

To make certain a easy criticism registration process, observe these steps primarily based on the chosen channel:

SMS Service:

Dial 8171 and ship your CNIC range alongside with a quick description of your complaint.

Online Portal:

  1. Visit the Ehsaas Kafalat software internet site and navigate to the “Complaints” section.
  2. Enter your CNIC number, application name, and specific description of the issue.
  3. Attach any assisting archives if available.

Toll-Free Helpline:

  • Dial the supplied toll-free quantity and comply with the prompts to join with a patroncarrier representative.
  • Clearly articulate your grievance and supply any vital important points for clarification.

Complaint Management System (CMS):

  • Access the Mohtasib internet site and pick out the Ehsaas Kafalat department.
  • Fill out the grievance registration structure with correct information.
  • Submit the structure and hold music of the grievance reference range for future follow-ups.

Ehsaas Offices:

  • Locate the nearest Ehsaas workplace the usage of the program’s respectable website.
  • Visit the workplace in man or woman and method the particular criticism officer.
  • Provide all applicable important points of your criticism and are searching for in addition help if needed.
How to Register complain in the Ehsaas program
How to Register complain in the Ehsaas program

Effective Complaint Registration

Ensuring the effectiveness of your criticism requires interest to element and adherence to positive guidelines:

Clarity is Key: Clearly articulate your complaint, specifying the program, nature of the issue, and any applicable small print such as dates and names.

Supporting Evidence: Whenever possible, connect applicable files or screenshots to substantiate your criticism and toughen your case.

Follow Up: Keep a file of your criticism reference quantity and observe up if you have not obtained a response inside a lifelike timeframe to make sure well timed resolution.

Stay Respectful: Maintain a expert and respectful tone when speaking your complaint, fostering a conducive surroundings for optimistic communicate and resolution.


Effectively Register complain in the Ehsaas program a criticism inside the Ehsaas software empowers beneficiaries to voice their issues and make a contribution to the program’s non-stop improvement. By using the on hand channels and following the outlined steps, beneficiaries can make sure that their grievances are heard and addressed promptly, eventually bettering the program’s have an impact on and effectiveness in assuaging poverty and advertising socio-economic development.


Can I register a grievance anonymously inside the Ehsaas program?

No, registration normally requires imparting non-public statistics for identification and follow-up purposes.

What if I face difficulties in registering a criticism on-line due to technical issues?

In such cases, you can decide for choice channels such as the toll-free helpline or travelling the nearest Ehsaas workplace in person.

How lengthy does it typically take to acquire a response to a registered complaint?

Response instances can also fluctuate relying on the nature and complexity of the complaint, but efforts are made to tackle grievances promptly.

What must I do if I’m no longer at ease with the decision supplied for my complaint?

If you sense that your grievance has no longer been correctly addressed, you can boost the problem thru the applicable channels for similarly evaluate and resolution.

Is there any provision for comments on the grievance decision system inside the Ehsaas program?

Yes, beneficiaries are stimulated to supply remarks on their ride with the grievance decision manner to assist become aware of areas for improvement.