Register Your Complain In Benazir Income Support Program

BISP Complaint Process

In the pursuit of financial assistance through programs like the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), individuals often encounter challenges and uncertainties. One such concern revolves around complaints regarding the payment process. Misinformation and fraudulent practices can exacerbate these issues, leading to confusion and frustration among beneficiaries. However, understanding the correct procedures for addressing complaints is crucial in ensuring that deserving individuals receive their rightful support without undue hindrances.

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Payment Complaints

Many beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program have reported encountering demands for payments or deductions in exchange for receiving their allocated funds. It’s important to clarify that such demands are illegitimate and contrary to the principles of the program. Beneficiaries should not succumb to these fraudulent practices, as the program operates on the premise of providing unconditional financial aid to eligible individuals.

Fortunately, the BISP has established a structured mechanism for addressing complaints related to payments. Beneficiaries facing difficulties in accessing their funds are encouraged to follow specific steps to resolve their grievances promptly and effectively.

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Steps to Address Payment Complaints:

Contact BISP Helpline:

Call the BISP helpline at 0800-26477 to report your issue. Be prepared to provide your CNIC number and details about the deduction or payment demand.

Visit a BISP Office:

Go to your nearest BISP office. Bring your CNIC and any relevant documents or evidence of the payment issue. BISP offices are equipped to handle complaints and provide assistance.

Submit a Complaint Online:

Visit the official BISP website:

Navigate to the complaints section.

Fill out the complaint form with your personal details, CNIC number, and a description of the issue.

Submit the form and note any reference number provided for follow-up.

Email BISP:

You can also send an email detailing your complaint to the official BISP email address. Include your CNIC number, contact information, and details of the payment issue.

Check Status and Follow-Up:

Use the reference number provided during your complaint submission to check the status of your complaint. Follow up with the BISP helpline or office if necessary.

Additional Tips:

Documentation: Keep a record of all communications and documents related to your complaint.

Patience: Complaint resolution may take some time, so be patient and persistent in following up.

Updates: Stay informed about any updates or changes to the complaint process by regularly visiting the BISP website or contacting their helpline.

By following these steps, beneficiaries can effectively address issues related to their BISP payments and ensure they receive the support they are entitled to without undue hindrances.

Benazir Kafalat Complaint Procedure

Beneficiaries who believe they have been unjustly subjected to deductions can initiate a complaint process through the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). By visiting the program’s official website, individuals can access detailed information on the complaint procedure and ascertain their eligibility for assistance. If deductions have been made erroneously, beneficiaries can file a complaint by following these steps:

Visit the BISP Office:

The first step involves visiting the nearest BISP office to initiate the complaint process.

Provide Complete Details:

Upon arrival, beneficiaries must furnish comprehensive details to the program representative, including information about the alleged deductions and any relevant documentation.

Register Complaint:

The program representative will register the complaint and provide acknowledgment to the beneficiary, ensuring that the grievance is officially documented.

Await Resolution:

Beneficiaries will receive updates on the status of their complaint via SMS, informing them of the resolution process and any further steps required.

NSER Survey Registration Process

In instances where beneficiaries experience a cessation of payments under the NSER (National Socio-Economic Registry) Benazir Income Support Program, swift action can facilitate the reinstatement of financial assistance. By following a straightforward procedure, beneficiaries can address discrepancies and resume receiving their entitlements:

Visit BISP Office:

Begin by visiting the nearest BISP office to confirm participation in the NSER survey.

Provide Survey Details:

During the visit, beneficiaries must furnish their ID card number, phone number, house number, and other pertinent details to verify their survey enrollment.

Verify Eligibility:

Upon verification, beneficiaries will receive confirmation of their eligibility to receive payments under the Benazir Income Support Program, ensuring a swift resumption of financial assistance.

Additional Tips for Both Processes:

Documentation: Always bring your CNIC and any other relevant documents when visiting the BISP office.

Communication: Keep a record of all interactions with BISP representatives and any reference numbers or acknowledgment receipts provided.

Follow-Up: Regularly follow up on your complaint or survey status through the BISP helpline or by visiting the office, as needed.

By adhering to these procedures, beneficiaries can effectively resolve issues related to unjust deductions or survey registration, ensuring continued access to the financial support provided by the Benazir Income Support Program.


What should I do if asked for deductions to access BISP funds?

Refrain from making any payments or deductions. Instead, follow the complaint procedure outlined by the BISP to address the issue officially.

How can I initiate a complaint regarding payment discrepancies?

Visit the nearest BISP office, provide complete details of the issue, and register your complaint with the program representative for resolution.

What steps should I take to reinstate payments under the NSER survey?

Visit the BISP office, confirm your NSER survey participation, provide requisite details, and await confirmation of eligibility for payment reinstatement.


In conclusion, understanding the correct procedures for addressing complaints related to BISP payments is paramount for beneficiaries. By adhering to the prescribed steps outlined by the program, individuals can navigate payment discrepancies effectively and ensure uninterrupted access to essential financial assistance.