Fri. May 24th, 2024
Taleemi Wazifa Start

Taleemi Wazifa Start:

The good news is that based on today’s date, April 12, 2024, the Ehsaas Taleemi Wazifa program appears to be ongoing in Pakistan. This program provides financial assistance to deserving students from underprivileged families.

BISP Latest Today New Update 2024:

Assalam Alaikum, viewers have started receiving messages under the program 8171, a large number of people have received messages, now what is known in these messages and are you waiting for the new installment of 10500 rupees and children’s allowances? Children’s stipends and payments have not been dated. From this day you will be issued the important news for the surveyors will also be a part of this post. The series has started and a large number of people are receiving messages. In this, two types of people have started receiving messages. A dynamic survey has been conducted. After conducting the survey, many people did not receive the messages before, which usually takes 30 minutes to receive the messages, but some people did not receive the messages during this time. I have also checked how many people have received the message, so let me tell you the messages that were sent to the surveyors that you are eligible for Benazir sponsorship if you have recently spent 10,500. If you have not received the installment of Rs., go to your nearest bank retailer shop and collect your payment. 

Taleemi Wazifa Start
Taleemi Wazifa Start

8171 Code New Message Received:

Viewers let me tell you that children’s stipend messages have also been sent to a large number of people. Some of them have a stipend of 4500 and some have 10 thousand. If your stipend assistance is issued on the basis, many people have also received messages for children’s stipends under 8171. have been and when should we go to receive the payment center was also opened for some days people have received from the payment center will you open the center again or will the payment be processed from the retailer shop then let me know Let’s make the payment for now Retailers, who are retailers of Bean, you will get payment under HBL Connect and under Banker Bla, then we will open the center as soon as the children are out of government schools. It is hoped that it will be opened and you can withdraw your payment from there. I am talking about the summer vacation. When the summer vacation will be there, then they will get the payment from there, while the new date which the government It has been announced by that those who have not received the payment of 10500 rupees on April 15 will also start receiving it and the children’s allowances for those who have received a message from 8171 Or such people who get the message from 8171, then they can also get their children’s allowances checked from the retailers because many children’s allowances have also been received. Benazir Kafalat Program New Registration Initiated

Taleemi Wazifa Start
Taleemi Wazifa Start

bachon ka wazifa check online by cnic:

There’s a high chance you’re looking to see if a child qualifies for the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) Taleemi Wazuif program. This initiative provides financial aid to students from underprivileged families.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a central online portal where you can check a child’s eligibility solely by CNIC. However, there are two ways to find out:

  1. BISP Website: The BISP website ( offers information about the Taleemi Wazuif program, including eligibility criteria. It likely won’t have a status checker based on CNIC, but it provides a good overview of the program.

  2. Contact BISP: Reach out to BISP directly. They have field offices where you can inquire about a child’s Taleemi Wazuif status. You can find contact information for your local BISP office on their website.

Here’s a summary:

  • Central online portal by CNIC: Not available
  • BISP Website: Q3 (for program details)
  • Contact BISP: Look for BISP field office contact details on the website.