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LATEST NEWS: Ehsaas Rashan Program Online Registration

8123 Punjab Ehsaas Rashan Program:

The Ehsaas program, initiated by the government of Pakistan, aims to provide financial support to the less fortunate, reducing poverty and increasing employment opportunities. The term “Ehsaas” translates to compassion or concern for others, reflecting the government’s commitment to the well-being of the less fortunate.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is the 8123 Ehsaas Rashan Program?
    • CM Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi launched the 8123 Punjab Ehsaas Rashan Riayat Program with an initial cost of 1 billion rupees.
    • The program offers families affordable food items, including ghee, flour, and oil, with a 40% discount in registered grocery stores.
  2. How to Get Registered in 8123 Ehsaas Rashan Program:
    • Visit the website
    • Click on “Apply for ration.”
    • Fill out the registration form with required details, including CNIC number, mobile number, and address.
    • Submit the form and wait for the confirmation message.
    • Upon approval, receive a confirmation email with distribution center details and distribution date.
  3. 8123 Rashan Program Online Check 2024:
    • Check eligibility through SMS by sending your CNIC number to 8123.
    • Receive a message confirming eligibility.
    • Alternatively, check eligibility through the website by filling out an online form.
  4. Get Registered in the Ehsaas Rashan Program Through Mobile:
    • Send your valid CNIC to 8123 without spaces.
    • Await confirmation, and if eligible, receive a ration card.
    • The ration card is mandatory for discounted grocery shopping at utility stores.


The 8123 Punjab Ehsaas Rashan Program is a significant initiative to provide discounted food items to eligible families, contributing to poverty alleviation and ensuring affordable access to essential commodities. The program’s online registration and checking processes aim to streamline the distribution of benefits to those in need.

Owners of Karyana Merchant – Get Register via 8123 Portal:

The Ehsaas Rashan program encourages Karyana store owners to apply and register to provide discounted items. To participate, utility store owners should apply through the 8123 portal, submitting their valid CNIC and completing the application form. This enables them to offer subsidized grocery items to Ehsaas ration program beneficiaries.

Key points for Karyana store owners to apply:

  1. Eligibility Criteria:
    • Must be residing in Pakistan and operating a utility store.
    • Should not be residents of any other country.
    • Monthly family income should be less than Rs. 25,000, falling under the poverty scale.
  2. Documents Required for Registration:
    • Photocopy of valid CNIC.
    • Utility bills.
    • Property documents (if owned).
    • Rental agreement (if living in a rented property).
    • Details of family income.
    • Valid CNIC without spaces, sent from the registered mobile number.

  1. 8123 Web Portal:
    • Launched in 2020 during the COVID lockdown.
    • Aims to facilitate applications for the Ehsaas 8123 Rashan program.
    • Provides a 40% discount on selected grocery items like sugar, ghee, rice, flour, and spices.
    • Beneficiaries receive a ration card under the Ehsaas 8123 program.
    • Applicants can visit the nearest registration center or the 8123 web portal.
    • Details such as CNIC, family income, etc., are required for application.
    • Applicants can apply only if their NSER dynamic survey has been conducted.
  2. Ehsaas 8123 Rashan Program Impact:
    • More than 7 million families benefited from the program.
    • Discounted food items are available at registered utility stores.
    • The government allocated over 10 billion rupees for this relief initiative.

The Ehsaas 8123 Rashan program is a significant step under the broader Ehsaas program, addressing hunger and poverty in the country, particularly in less privileged areas. The provision of discounted food items aims to offer relief to the needy and distressed population.

Ehsaas 8123 Web Portal Online Registration By CNIC Latest Update 2024:

If you wish to apply for the Ehsaas 8123 Rashan program and check your eligibility, you can send your CNIC to 8123. Once eligibility is confirmed, visit the Ehsaas registration center, fill out the application form, and wait for scrutiny. The application will be evaluated based on the National Socioeconomic Registry dynamic survey, and you’ll be informed of your selection or rejection under the program. Additionally, you can track your application status by sending your CNIC to the 8123 web portal.

Ehsaas 8123 Web Portal Online Registration CNIC October 2023:

The government of Pakistan is consistently working on social welfare programs to provide relief to more people. The registration process through registration centers is easy – you need to provide your CNIC and complete the application form.

Ehsaas 8123 Web Portal 4500 Subsidy New Update 2024:

During the COVID period, the government provided unconditional cash transfers of Rs. 4,500 to existing beneficiaries of the 8123 Ehsaas ration program due to rising inflation. In a recent update, the government has decided to restart the registration process for the 8123 Ehsaas Ration program to offer relief to people given the country’s economic conditions and decreasing purchasing power.

The Ehsaas 8123 web portal has been updated for optimal functionality, facilitating easy applications for those in need. Overall, the 8123 Ehsaas ration program is a commendable initiative by the government, addressing the basic needs of the poor and providing essential necessities that have become challenging for them to acquire.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the Ehsaas Rashan program providing relief to the distressed citizens of Pakistan?

Under the 8123 Ehsaas Rashan program, registered beneficiaries receive basic grocery items at comparatively lower prices at utility stores on a panel of Ehsaas programs nationwide. The aim is to ensure that nobody goes to sleep on an empty stomach.

What is the process for applying to the 8123 Ehsaas Ration Program?

You can apply for this program via your mobile phone by sending your CNIC to 8123 to determine your eligibility. If, based on survey records, you are eligible, you will be informed about your registration, and a ration card will be assigned to you.

I have applied to the Ehsaas Rashan program; how can I know the status of my application?

You can easily check whether you have been selected or rejected from the Ehsaas Ration program by sending an SMS to 8123.


The 8123 Ehsaas Rashan program aims to assist the less fortunate and alleviate poverty in Pakistan. It seeks to support people from various sectors, groups, and genders, encouraging employment and providing essential goods at affordable rates. This helps ease the burden on households when starting a new career.