TODAY NEWS: Sehat Sahulat Program Federal, KPK & Punjab

The Pakistani government has taken a significant stride in assisting financially challenged individuals who lack the resources for medical treatment. In this endeavor, the Sehat Sahulat Program has been instituted to ensure citizens can easily afford medical care and related services.

The Sehat Sahulat Program, initiated for this purpose, endeavors to provide support to citizens, making medical treatment and health-related services accessible.

In 2019, the government revolutionized the healthcare sector with the introduction of the Sehat Sahulat Program. This initiative grants easy access to basic healthcare facilities for citizens facing financial constraints. The program not only alleviates the burden on underprivileged communities but also contributes to reducing disease prevalence and hospitalizations.

The Sehat Sahulat Program extends its benefits to citizens in Islamabad, Tharparkar, Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, Punjab, KP, and Sindh. Additionally, transgender individuals registered in NADRA also qualify for the program.

Under this program, a wide range of health-related services, including surgeries, investigations, and diagnoses, is provided. Patients with various illnesses, such as cancer, kidney and heart problems, and diabetes, are eligible for treatment.

For those unaware of this groundbreaking government initiative, this study aims to shed light on the Sehat Sahulat Card and its associated benefits.

To facilitate the dissemination of information, a helpline number is available for queries related to the Sehat Sahulat Card.

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Final Remarks:

The Sehat Sahulat Program stands as a crucial step towards improving healthcare accessibility, ensuring that even the financially vulnerable can receive necessary medical attention.

Sehat Sahulat Program Two Medical Packages:

The Sehat Sahulat Program encompasses two distinct medical packages designed to cater to the healthcare needs of eligible individuals and families.

First Package:

Initial government provision of 60,000 per family.

Subsequent annual allocation of 60,000 per family.

Covered Healthcare Services:

Angioplasty and bypass.

Burns treatment.

Orthosis and prosthesis.

Management of Hepatitis and HIV.

Kidney and liver problem treatments.

Priority Treatment Package:

Annual allocation of 300,000 to each eligible family.

Additional yearly provision of 300,000 per family.

Encompasses the following medical conditions and treatments:

Angioplasty and bypass.

Medications for diabetes.

Treatment for burns and road traffic accidents.

Comprehensive surgical interventions.

Management of Hepatitis.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Treatment for kidney and liver diseases.

Care for microcephalic diseases.

Procedure to Apply for Sehat Sahulat Card:

To avail the benefits of the Sehat Sahulat Card, follow these steps:

Send your registered ID card number to 8500 via SMS.

Await a response confirming eligibility.

Upon qualification, the Sehat card can be collected from any distribution center in the district. To utilize the Sehat card for medical treatment, the individual must carry the Sehat Insaf card, ID card, and B-form (for child patients). The card is valid only during hospital admission, with all medical expenses charged to it.

Sehat Sahulat Program Online Resources:

For comprehensive information and updates, visit the official Sehat Sahulat Program website. The site provides details on the program, eligibility criteria, participating hospitals, and the online registration process.

[Note: The details mentioned are based on the information available up to my last update in January 2022. For the most recent information, kindly refer to the latest resources provided by the Sehat Sahulat Program.

Helpline Number of Sehat Sahulat Card:

In the event of any issues related to card application at the hospital or if the patient is asked to bear the treatment cost, individuals can seek assistance by contacting the helpline number at 0800-09009.

Final Remarks:

The Sehat Sahulat program stands as a commendable initiative, especially for the underprivileged who struggle to afford essential medical care. Aligned with the broader Ehsaas Program, it functions as a crucial component by providing health insurance to families in need. This ensures that if a family member falls ill, they can access necessary treatment at a hospital without the burden of financial concerns. The program represents a significant stride towards promoting inclusive healthcare and alleviating the healthcare-related challenges faced by vulnerable communities.