Next Phase of Installments

Start Date: The third phase of the Benazir Kafalat program’s 10,500 rupees installment will commence from the first week of July. Beneficiaries should expect their payments to be credited to their accounts shortly.

Simultaneous Release: Payments for the sponsorship program and education scholarships will also be released concurrently with the installment of the Benazir Kafalat program.

Launch of New Banking System

New Banks Added: A new banking system for the Benazir Income Support Program is being introduced, incorporating six new banks. This initiative aims to enhance accessibility and convenience for beneficiaries.

ATM Access: Beneficiaries will soon be able to withdraw their payments easily from these banks’ ATMs, facilitating quicker and more convenient access to funds.

Disqualification Policy for Self-Deductible Women

Policy Update: Women who deduct amounts from their Benazir Income Support Program installments, often through agents, will now face immediate disqualification from the program.

Camp Site Caution: Visiting camp sites for payments does not circumvent this disqualification policy. The government urges beneficiaries not to agree to deductions or pay fees to agents to avoid disqualification.

Complaint Procedure: If approached by an agent demanding deductions, beneficiaries are advised to immediately report the incident to the Benazir Income Support Program office and file a formal complaint.

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Updates on Benazir Income Support Program

Verification Status for New Registrants

Verification Process: New registrants under verification will have their status updated by September. Those whose verifications are not completed by then will face disqualification from the program.

Ineligibility Categories

Higher PMT Scores: Women whose Poverty Measurement Tool (PMT) scores have increased after the dynamic survey are disqualified from the program.

Non-Compliance with Dynamic Survey: Women who have not updated their information in the dynamic survey are also ineligible. It is crucial for eligible women to complete the survey to avoid disqualification.

These updates reflect the government’s efforts to streamline the Benazir Income Support Program, ensuring fair distribution and preventing misuse of funds. Beneficiaries are encouraged to adhere to program guidelines, avoid deductions, and promptly report any unauthorized activities to maintain eligibility for program benefits. Stay informed about further developments through official channels to continue receiving support under the program.

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