اچھی خبر: 10500 دوسرا مرحلہ 4 جون سے شروع | 8171 پورٹل اپ ڈیٹ 2024

2nd Phase Start From 4 June:

The installments of the Benazir Income Support Program have been started from the campsite this time and are being released in three different phases. have received their payments and a lot of people have asked that when the second phase starts, will the people in the first phase who have not yet received the installments continue to receive these installments or should their installments be stopped? If your installments are due in the first phase and you have not received them yet, then you can get them anytime in the first phase, in the second phase, in the third phase, or even after the third phase, meaning whenever you want. You can get your installment. There is no restriction that you can get your installment at any stage. This money will not go anywhere. After the first stage, you will get the second stage. It is going to start, the waiting hours of all the people who were waiting are going to end, the people of the first phase have got the installments or many people are getting the installments, why are we not getting the installments? The releases will start from tomorrow and you will be able to get Basani Up from your nearest campsite from Tuesday

8171 web portal:

This new update is also being brought on 8171 web portal that all those who are included in the second phase will be informed about 8171 web portal payments. You must check your payments from 8171 portal after Tuesday if you are eligible. If yes then you don’t need to worry your payment has been credited to your accounts 

Update on Phase Three:

 The people who have been waiting for the third phase will end their waiting hours very soon as it is being said that the third phase will start in the month of June itself.

2nd Phase Start From 4 June
2nd Phase Start From 4 June

BISP Compliance Portal:

 Many of the people who have been disqualified after doing the dynamic survey can appeal because those who believe that our PMT score has been inflated due to some misunderstanding, People appeal, if their appeal is accepted, they can join this program again and if the appeal is rejected, then no assistance will be given to you for the next two years. 

Dynamic survey update:

The dynamic survey is going on, there is no end date for it, people are afraid that if we do not conduct the dynamic survey, we will not be qualified. Those people must get their dynamic survey done, otherwise they will be expelled from this program. do their dynamic survey they have a 50% chance if they are eligible then they will not be disqualified if they are not eligible they will be disqualified 

New update about Benazir Kafala and Education Scholarship Program

Benazir Kafalat Program and Children’s Education Scholarships are being released together. No need to worry about the children’s scholarships as the Kafalat program and children’s money are being released together.