Sun. May 26th, 2024
Breaking News BISP Program New Method

BISP Program New

I am here with two good news for you people and two new updates regarding the BISP Program have come here and the process of getting money again has also started here. Money is being given here, we will give you good news regarding this and along with this, an issue was raised here, after which it was explained two to three times by the BISP Program New that you should do this work and your If you have money, it will come to your account, so the biggest amount that the people had to face here was of Rs. 938. 

There were a large number of women who had to face the error of 938 and there was money in their account but despite this money was not being given to those who are regular beneficiaries and had already taken two to three installments. This issue was also coming up, so there is a good news regarding the 938 code which was imposed due to which you people were not getting payment here and there is a very good update for all the ladies which can be seen here right now. It has been received by BISP and its due announcement has also been made by the people of BISP program.

Code Of 938

I will share the complete information here on behalf of the people of BISP program which will be launched within June. I had told you earlier that a plan is being made, but now suddenly a new update, a new change has been seen here and the government wants that we should complete the work of BISP in advance and all the If we give the money of BISP program to the prostitutes, then with the passage of the new budget.When they go there to take payment, they were not being given payment there and they were being told that the code of 938 has been imposed and you will not get payment, so finally the government has started the work for them. And there is good news for them, so quoting Navid Akbar, who is the current DG of BSP, he has started the work and an announcement has been made on his behalf that all the women whose data is being shown on the portal also. It was said that your money has arrived but he did not get the payment due here and when he went to the center he did not get the money.

issues Pointed 

If they were given, then it has been said here that you should not worry, your issue has been pointed out, the issue of those who had complained has also been resolved and the issue of those who had not complained has also been resolved. It has been said on behalf of Naveed Akbar that the case of 938 is our case, we are solving it and within three to four days the case will be completely resolved and after that all the women whose 938 case will be there. An error was being seen here, their issue would have been resolved and after three to four days you guys would have received your installment.

Breaking News BISP Program New Method
Breaking News BISP Program New Method


Maybe this was the first good news that we got to see here and now after this another good news has come, let me share this with you and again tell you which women are getting money here. Let me tell you, first of all the good news is that the promise made by the government in the Benazir Income Support Program has now been fulfilled here. There are many women who have received only the installment of ₹ 10,500 here. And if they could not get the amount with the increase here, then I have started telling to whom this increase is being given.

Educational Scholarship And Scheme

The point has to be taken out and along with this, the government had done this work to improve the scheme of BISP, but due to some problem, the payment due to you people could not be fully paid, so a lot of There are such women across the country who had received only the installment of Rs. 0500, they did not get the full installment and they did not even get the money again, then again which women are being given money here, number one by the government. Here the educational scholarship for children was increased, the fee is according to the child and the fee is according to the girl child i.e. boy.

And according to the girl, the government was getting ₹ 5000000, so now she has got ₹ 2000. If the girl was getting ₹ 2000 earlier, then she has got ₹ 2500 here and those who were getting 2500 have got ₹ 000 here, so this is with the increase. The government is giving you the new installment, along with the increase in your payment, it will be given to you as per your wish when you go to the agent or the points arranged by the government will be given to you without any income support program. The amount is being paid, you have to take the full payment from there, I will share the good news with you. But here you have to note one thing and that is that some ladies have mess here.

Messages Of Installment 

Messages are coming that your installment of Rs. 1000 has arrived. This is being told to you by calling here through some agent or representative that your Rs. 1000 has arrived or if Rs. 1000 has arrived. Whether it is Rs 1000 or Rs 4000, which women does it belong to, let me tell you that the money you are getting is a project of BISP Program New. The government has transferred the money to the accounts of lactating mothers. If you have done this then you are informed about the call through B and this It is not a very big amount because the government here has Rs 177000 which you have to pay within a year, so you can get this message, you can also get a call, apart from this, the reason behind this is that the women who are being given money again. Here, three installments of the stipend for your children were made here, but the wives here mostly got only Rs 10500, that is, only their payment was received. The stipend for the children was not given to them. If anyone If someone has got the children’s scholarship, then he has got one installment or two installments, then now here very fast.

Stipend Children 

The government has started the work and those women who were paid only Rs 0500, now the government has released the stipend for their children and that too with an increase i.e. if you had earlier taken Rs 00, then You will get Samahi’s stipend as per ₹. If you had taken it as per ₹ 2500, now you will get it as per ₹ 3000. So first of all you have to check this on the portal and I will tell you about the portal here. You still check the portal, the installment of Rs 100500 is being shown here, so don’t check here now, the portal is updated.

Breaking News BISP Program New Method
Breaking News BISP Program New Method

It will take about a week to happen. As soon as this portal is updated, you have to check your name here. You have to see in the list if your name is present here again and children’s scholarship, here you will be told that Ba Shimool Talimi scholarship is yours. This amount is made and you go and recover it, only after that you have to go to the center or you have to go to the representatives appointed by the government and take this case.