LATEST UPDATE: Muft Atta Scheme 8070

Muft Atta Scheme 8070: Ramadan Special Package in Punjab

Introduction: The Muft Atta Scheme 8070 is a vital component of the Ramadan Special Package launched by the Punjab government under the leadership of Chief Minister Maryam Tawana. This initiative aims to provide free flour to eligible individuals, offering relief during the sacred month of Ramadan.

Key Details of Muft Atta Scheme 8070:

Chief Minister’s Directives: Implemented on the explicit instructions of the Chief Minister Punjab, the Muft Atta Scheme holds significant importance as a relief effort.

Ramadan Special Package: As part of the broader Ramadan Special Package, the scheme addresses the essential needs of the populace during the holy month.

Eligible Participants: Individuals registered under the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) and the Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA) qualify for the scheme.

Subsidy Allocation: The scheme entails a subsidy of 7.64 billion rupees to ensure the distribution of free flour.

Beneficiary Count: Approximately 10 crore people are anticipated to benefit from the scheme, availing themselves of free flour through 20 thousand designated sale points.

Free ATTA Distribution: Eligible individuals with an income below 60 thousand can obtain three bags of 10 kg free flour in stages from utility stores, PSPA-registered outlets, and designated truck points.

Registration Commencement: The registration process for the Muft Atta Scheme commenced on March 15, facilitating accessibility for the populace.

Registration Procedure: Registration is simplified through SMS. Eligible individuals can register for the scheme by sending their ID card number to 8070 via SMS to avail themselves of free flour.

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Online Eligibility Check:

The Punjab government has provided an online platform for individuals to check their eligibility for the free ATTA scheme. This allows people to verify if they are eligible and ensures transparency in the distribution process.

Conclusion: The Muft Atta Scheme 8070 is a commendable effort by the Punjab government to provide essential relief to the deserving and vulnerable population during the month of Ramadan. The initiative reflects the government’s commitment to supporting its citizens, especially those in need.

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Latest Update 2024: Ramadan Special Package by Punjab Government

Key Points:

Public Convenience:

The initiative aims to provide convenience to the public, reflecting the commitment of the Punjab Government to address the needs of the people.

Subsidy Amount:

A substantial subsidy of 64 billion rupees has been allocated for the program to ensure the affordability of essential items.


The scheme is expected to benefit around 10 crore people, facilitated through 20 thousand sale points. Targeting those with an income less than 60 thousand, the initiative addresses a significant portion of the population.

Registration Commencement:

Registration for the program started on March 15, allowing eligible individuals to enroll and avail themselves of the benefits.

People-Friendly Measures:

The program is designed to implement people-friendly measures, aiming to alleviate the impact of inflation on the general public.

Ramadan Special Package:

Launched on the special instructions of the Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, the Ramadan special package is envisioned as a right of the public, providing essential items free of charge at their doorstep.

Atta Special Initiative:

The decision to provide free flour to all Pakistanis is a special initiative under the guidance of Maryam Nawaz. The Finance Minister emphasized the subsidy for 10 crore people through this initiative.

Transparent Supply of Flour:

The program ensures a transparent and clean supply of flour to reach deserving individuals. The registration process is crucial for maintaining transparency and ensuring that flour reaches those in need.

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Neghaban Program:

Under the Ramadan special package, the Neghaban program has been launched, allowing individuals to easily obtain three bags of flour. Complete details can be verified before receiving the flour bags.

Free Atta Latest Update 2024:

The program provides free information to all Pakistanis, enabling them to earn money within their financial limits. The registration process involves providing details, and eligible individuals can receive three bags of flour under the Free Atta package.

Website for Details:

For more information and details, individuals can visit the website, ensuring transparency and facilitating easy access to the program’s benefits.

Conclusion: The Ramadan Special Package and Atta Special Initiative demonstrate the Punjab Government’s commitment to supporting the public during the holy month and addressing economic challenges. These initiatives aim to provide essential items, including free flour, to a large segment of the population, promoting inclusivity and public welfare.