Sat. May 25th, 2024
Negahban Card Registration

Negahban Card Registration

Greetings viewers, It has been announced by the government to give ₹ 1 to every family, now the time has come that all of you should also take this help of ₹ 1. Yes, I am not talking about Benazir Income Support Program, I am talking about a new program whose name is Negahban Card Registration Program, so under this Negahban Card, the needy people will get ₹ 1 per hour. When will this assistance begin and for whom has this program been issued?

Next Installments

We will tell you everything in detail and how to apply for this ₹ 1 help. We will also tell you that a very good news has come for the regular beneficiaries of Benazir Income Support Program that Benazir You are going to get the next installments of the Income Support Program very soon. Remember that some latest updates have also come regarding bank ATMs, we will also share them with you because Benazir has also introduced a new banking system for the Income Support Program. So, that too is going to happen very soon, so let’s go into details.

Negahban Card Program

Before moving forward, those who have not watched YouTube3 till now, if you keep getting information about it, then the viewers will be the first to talk about this Negahban card program. Let us tell you that on behalf of Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz Saba, this program has been officially started. Under this, it has been decided to release immediate assistance of ₹ 1 lakh to 64 lakh Mustaq families of Punjab. Remember that this Negahban Card Program will include all those people who are under the Esas Ration Concession Program under the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf government. 

Negahban Card Registration
Negahban Card Registration

PMT Score

Mahana of ₹ h under Help was being received and along with it, the regular beneficiaries of Benazir Income Support Program, who are fully responsible for this PMT score and the Shariah of this Negahban program, means that under the Negahban Ramadan program, as you know, such All Benazir Income Support Program beneficiaries whose PMT score was 25 or less were given ration gifts under the Negahban Ramadan program. Similarly, in this Negahban card also, people with high PMT score were eligible. 

Beneficiaries Of BISP

Will go and they will be given a help of ₹ 1 h for this Many more such details Let us also tell you that those regular beneficiaries of Benazir Income Support Program who got free flour by registering through 8070 last year are among them. Many people will also be made a part of this program and also those people who had registered their identity card through 786 for petrol subsidy. Here is another important piece of information. Let us also tell you that Negahban Sorry Negahban Card.

Portal Program 

 A new one for the program The portal is also going to be launched very soon and a new short code is also being issued for all of you, through which you will be able to apply on your Nakhi card and know the details of this program by sending your Nakhi card to that shirt code. And you will also be able to get it registered but the thing is that this program will also be only for married people because all the Imdaad programs that come are issued to help married people i.e. to provide support to a family, such as Talimi Wajaf program is a useless program. Or other assistance programs would have been issued along with it.

Negahban Card Registration
Negahban Card Registration

If so, then only married people will be able to apply. Along with this, let us tell you that there is a very good news for the regular beneficiaries of Benazir Income Support Program that till the next case, it has been announced that the new banking system will be available. Through which you will be able to receive your payments through six to seven new banks, using their ATMs you will be able to receive your payments very easily without any deduction and let us also tell you that Kafa Program and Talimi Jazaf Program. The next case is going to be released very soon next month.

Installments Of Kafalat Program 

Before the 15th, you will be issued the installments of Kafa Program ₹ 10 500 and children’s installments. Along with this, let us also tell you that the help of the people who were involved in the Hum Kadam Program has also started coming in from the last two days. That too, you can know about your payments by visiting those points close to you from where you have been taking payments earlier, rest of all the payments are done with reference to BISP, you can also check your payments using 8ka itra web portal. Ahalia of Ahalia Kafa Program, Ahaliya of Dynamic Registry and many other information also remember that till now no new shirt code nor any new online portal has been released. But you will be able to register for this program by giving your details.


Do not share your data with anyone because as soon as a new method of Program for this Negahban Card Registration comes, we will lose our permission.So you have to be careful about fraud and fraudsters.